The Perfect Motorhome Does Exist and the 2023 Armada 40P Is What It Should Look Like

While most of us have been hiding away from the cold, Holiday Rambler was busy building what I'd like to describe as the most fitting and inviting Class A motorhome of the year. I'm talking about the 2023 Armada, a diesel-fueled machine bent on year-round and on-road living. But it's the fresh 40P floorplan that's got my attention.
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Folks, the 2023 Armada Class A motorhomes from Holiday Rambler aren't the sort of machines to be taken lightly. Considering they weigh around 36,500 lb (16,556 kg), 'lightly' is nowhere in sight. But, because there's a new floorplan available for these mammoth machines, we need to explore what's available for an undisclosed price.

Even though Holiday Rambler makes no mention of how much this bugger is going to run you, the least expensive layout, the 40M, is selling for around $506,000 (€464,000 at current exchange rates). Currently, the most expensive unit in this class is the 44B, going hot for a tad under $600,000 (€550,000). I think it's safe to say that the 40P will be priced around that range. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Now, there's a whole lot to say about the 40P. After all, it's a fully-fledged, year-round mobile home suitable for the largest of families, and I really mean it. For example, a king bed is found in the bedroom, a set of bunk beds vis-a-vis the bathroom, a modular sofa with a full mattress, and a u-shaped dinette. The latter can also take the shape of a bed. That's eight guests comfortably, and if you want to go beyond that number, push someone over in the king bed or bring some sleeping bags. God knows the floor space is more than fitting for such a venture. Just take a look at the presentation below.

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Considering you can even bring the in-laws on your summer adventures, not that you'd want to, the 40P needs to be equipped to handle all the needs of such a large group. Well, almost. Standard, the kitchen found in this floorplan only includes a two-burner induction top and a convection oven to help you whip up some meals. I don't know about you, but I can barely make do with two tops when cooking for myself and a friend.

What does this mean for you? It means you might need to dish out some extra cash to raise the kitchen's standards to the size of your group. Luckily, there's plenty of space to do that with, including a massive countertop and cabinetry to bring along several cooking devices. It should be relatively inexpensive to grab a solid cooktop. Other than that, the kitchen is wonderful, and the residential-sized fridge should work wonders storing all the foods your family needs. There's a dishwasher too, helping you spend more time with your loved ones.

Another space that I found interesting was the bathroom and how it was designed. First of all, the restroom is only a tad smaller than the one I have in a two-bedroom apartment. But the cool thing is that this space is accessible via three separate doors. One door leads to the bedroom, one to the bunks, and another to the living room and kitchen. Why? So that resting guests aren't disturbed by the movement of others using this facility. It may not sound like a big deal until you're trying to grab some shut-eye in the middle of the day.

2023 Armada
Photo: REV Group
Now, I'm going to skip over things like the Onan generator, water filtration system, solar capabilities, vacuum, and all the other countless systems in place and jump right into the entertainment features this mobile home offers. To start, satellite or cable TV is available inside the 40P. Sound will be blasting out of a soundbar in the living room and the TV in the bedroom. But you can pick up a decent soundbar for four to $500. To help you unwind after a day of running around, working, and tending to your lifestyle, tend to it some more with the presence of two fireplaces. As for my favorite part of the entertainment features, it's the center found outside the 40P. Here, another TV and soundbar ensure you don't miss a moment of the game or races and is sure to sit as an excellent tailgating accessory.

Other than that, it's not hard to imagine myself living in something like the Armada 40P, and that's really the true magic of this unit. It invites you to live a life that breaks away from traditional methods, all the while yielding more than enough space to ensure you experience everything with your family or friends. Heck, here's an idea. If the price for this bugger sounds a bit steep, why not split the bill with some friends or family? You'll then be able to hit the road with a modular Freightliner chassis dubbed home.

As for the power side of things, according to the manufacturer's website, the Armada family of RVs can push out up to 450 hp and 1,250 lb-ft (1,707 Nm) of torque. Remember, it's a diesel. What does this mean for you? It means a towing capacity of up to 15,000 lb (6,804 kg). Want to hitch up a travel trailer and double your living space? Why not grab a little teardrop and toss your kids in there if they want to play while you want to sleep? Planning on exploring hidden corners of the places you visit? Bring a cargo trailer filled with motocross bikes, ATVs, or your favorite car.

Sure, it isn't perfect, but the missing things, which aren't many, leave just enough space to let you spin up your idea of the ideal getaway home. Dive in and see just how far this RV rabbit hole goes.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of other Armada interiors and floorplans. The video showcases the 40P floorplan.

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