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The Duo Tandem Bike Brandishes a Sleek Black Walnut Frame That's Stronger Than Steel
Most people know what it means to ride a bike made of steel or aluminum. Some of us even know what carbon fiber and titanium feel like too. However, rarely have any of us ridden a wooden bicycle, and not just any wooden bike, but a tandem one.

The Duo Tandem Bike Brandishes a Sleek Black Walnut Frame That's Stronger Than Steel

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A few months ago, I ran across a bicycle manufacturer named Sojourn Cyclery. While finding out about a cycle manufacturer that does things on a small scale is nothing out of the ordinary, what’s so dang special about Sojourn is that they specialize in nothing more than wooden machines. Yes, the frames this crew designs and builds are centered around this renewable resource.

Ok, first off, if you grew up with bikes, at some point in time, you may have asked yourself if a wooden frame can be achieved. That question usually ends with us denying all possibilities that it can be done, and this is where Sojourn comes in. Not only are their bikes built out of black walnut, but with layering techniques and years of R&D, Sojourn frames are known to surpass the strength of steel. In testing, a wooden Sojourn frame was able to take more than 400 extra pounds of pressure than a steel frame. Convinced yet?

Now that you have an idea of the sort of bicycle we’re exploring let’s dive deeper into all that is the Duo, the one and only tandem machine from this crew. Just to kick things off, you need to understand that to be able to mob around town on a Duo, you and your spouse or riding buddy will need to drop a total of $6,500 (€6,100 at current exchange rates) on nothing more than just the frame. Yes, just the frame! By the time you’re done adding two sets of cranks, two chains or belt drives, handlebars, seats, etc., you could be looking at a machine priced well over $10,000. But again, you’d be showcasing the prestige of owning an actual and rideable wooden bike, which seems priceless to me.

Aside from the fact that this bugger is built of wood, the level of craftsmanship is another detail that I feel needs appreciating. Because wood can’t be welded, this sucker is seamless. Every joint and BB housing is as smooth as the results we see on carbon fiber trinkets. Heck, Sojourn even went further and added water bottle mounts to the seat tubes. What does that mean for you and your fellow rider? It means going the distance and riding until your legs are sore.

Speaking of going the distance, this bike is clearly a road bike. This means a few things, like a stiff front fork and a frame with no suspension. So, how are you to soften the blows your bottom may be taking? Simple, just follow along with the images in the gallery and buy yourself a suspension seat post. Personally, go all out and equip your Duo with the best components, including those belt drives.

I should also point out that the frame you see isn't the only style that Sojourn can build. Exploring their Facebook page, I noticed older tandem designs, one of which even includes a step-through frame for both riders. Some owners even figured out how to add a child seat or cargo racks to the rear; pay close attention to the dropout on the Duo.

Just imagine waking up on Saturday morning, getting dressed, grabbing the hand of your significant other, and slowly taking the Duo out of your garage. As you ride down local streets and parks, you’ll attract more and more looks the more crowded an area may be. Once you’re asked how much something like this costs, take a step back to avoid getting coffee spat onto you and blurt out your price. Sounds like one heck of a way to start your weekend and make a name for yourself in your town.

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The images in the gallery features multiple Duo frame styles.


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