Tesla Roadster II Makes Rare Public Appearance Looking as Stunning as Ever

While a different red Tesla Roadster has been the talk of the town lately, the second generation of the EV-maker's sports car is still more than able to grab the attention whenever it pokes its head out into the open world.
Tesla Roadster II prototype 1 photo
Photo: Casey Spencer on Reddit
So far, we've only seen it at the Tesla Semi event on November 16 last year, and even though there were plenty of cameras pointing its way - and Tesla also released a set of official images - we cant' really say we had enough of it.

Painted red as well, the Roadster II looks like it would have made for a much more spaceship-like object than Musk's first-gen Roadster based on the Lotus Elise (by the way, the British carmaker must be pretty exciting about the whole SpaceX and Tesla stunt as well). Its design is a blend of futurism and organic shapes not too dissimilar to Geiger's alien xenomorph, which is quite a good look for a sporty car.

It'll also be quite faster than the creepy creature Sigourney Weaver must still have nightmares of. The promised specs say the new Roadster will hit 60 mph (97 km/h) in just 1.9 seconds, while its top speed should be over 250 mph (400 km/h). It'll also get a 620+ miles (1,000+ km) maximum range from its 200 kWh battery pack, and we'll all get to enjoy this in 2020 for no more than $250,000.

One of the prototypes is now being put on display at Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto, so if you're in the neighborhood, make sure you drop by for a one-on-one experience. Looking at the picture posted by Casey Spencer on Reddit, we're instantly reminded of the one thing we'd change about the Roadster II, and that's the steering wheel. Yeah, sure, it looks like Knight Rider Two Thousand's, but we'd much rather have one that's easier to drive.

However, don't get us wrong, we wouldn't let that stand in our way. Hell, we'd probably be pretty open to making a kidney donation, so if you know somebody who's in this type of business, drop of a line (seriously, don't. We'll just turn him over to the police).
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