Tesla Model Y Won't Use the Model 3 Platform, Coming Late 2019 or Early 2020

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The last car to complete Musk's childish naming scheme for the first four models of his company (S, E (later changed to 3 due to legal issues), X, and Y) is going to be a compact electric SUV.
Apart from the two models that are already on sale, we know of four more vehicles that are currently on the agenda for Tesla: the electric semi truck called "Semi," the new Roadster, a pickup truck of some sorts, and the Model Y. Up to this point, most talks surrounding the crossover gravitated around the Falcon Wing doors problem, but Elon Musk has recently revealed some much more interesting information.

Tesla is on track to start producing the Model 3 this summer, meaning we should get to see deliveries made by the end of the year or, as a worst case scenario, in early 2018. The thing that is paramount to the success of the Model 3 is finding a way to reduce production costs without harming the quality of the products, and that's something that will continue to improve over time with future models.

For instance, while the Model S and X have around 3 km (1.86 miles) of wiring onboard, the Model 3 has cut that in half. The Y, however, is said to apply a further 95 percent reduction for a total of 100 meters (328 feet). That doesn't just mean fewer materials, it also translates into simpler and quicker assembly, not to mention ulterior servicing.

For most manufacturers, developing a new platform means more work and higher costs, but Tesla doesn't seem reluctant to use this method for the Model Y. Musk has made it clear that the compact SUV is going to be a priority once the Model 3 ramps up the production to the 500,000 units a year, with the Y expected to push that to 1,000,000 units when it eventually comes out.

Speaking of which, that should happen no sooner than the end of 2019, giving Tesla enough time to finalize its infrastructure expanding plans in order to cope with the increased production demand.
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