Tesla Model S P100D vs. 761 HP Audi RS7 APR Drag Race Needs a Photo Finish

It's no secret that bringing a Tesla Model S to the drag strip will cause a stir. There will always be some aficionados resenting the presence of an EV, while others, willing to keep an open mind and play with the thing, might have a hard time finding an appropriate competitor. As such, we've shown you plenty of Model S P100D vs. The World drag races to date, but not all of them were balanced.
Tesla Model S P100D vs. 761 HP Audi RS7 APR Drag Race 4 photos
Photo: DragTimes/YouTube
Tesla Model S P100D vs 761 HP Audi RS7 by APR Drag RaceTesla Model S P100D vs 761 HP Audi RS7 by APR Drag RaceTesla Model S P100D vs 761 HP Audi RS7 by APR Drag Race
Well, the quarter-mile shenanigan sitting before you can take pride in providing the kind of show that keeps the audience on its toes from start to finish, since this battle is as close as they get.

We're looking at a standard P100D, which duked it out with a not-so-standard Audi RS7. To be more precise, the four-ringed hero had been gifted with APR Stage Two upgrades, such as a custom exhaust and an ECU remap. As such, the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 heart of the Audi now delivers 761 hp.

Fortunately, both drivers were well prepared for the Christmas Tree game, with their reaction times being spot on. As such, the starting phase of the race delivers an uber-tight battle and things keep getting better as the two monsters sprint towards the finish line.

And given the said aftermarket exhaust of this RS7, this drag race comes with an aural side that can easily give one the giggles.

Now, some of you might wonder why used the "standard" adjective to describe the P100D above. Well, while the Tesla customization market is still young, we can't deny the presence of a few modded Palo Alto machines.

And the most extreme we've seen to date is a Model S P100D that has been put on an extreme diet. Thus, the electric machine has lost around 500 pounds.

With the help of a custom wheel and tire combo, the said Tesla delivers enticing sprinting numbers, as we recently discussed during a street running adventure.

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