Audi RS3 Sedan vs. BMW M2 Drag Race Is Not a Fair Fight

Audi RS3 Sedan vs. BMW M2 Drag Race 4 photos
Photo: Autocar/YouTube
Audi RS3 Sedan vs. BMW M2 Drag RaceAudi RS3 Sedan vs. BMW M2 Drag RaceAudi RS3 Sedan vs. BMW M2 Drag Race
Nowadays, performance cars come with tons of tech designed to assist the driver with taming the beast, but there are certain velocity battles where none of that matters, with the good old power-to-weight ration being all that's important. And this seems to be the case when the Audi RS3 Sedan and the BMW M2 are thrown at each other.
We're talking about an airfield drag race, one that saw the two slabs of German duking it out in the hands of autocar journos.

Since the RS3's turbocharged five-cylinder mill makes more power than the also-turbo straight-six of the Bimmer and only the former comes in all-paw form, there's no point in holding a standing start sprinting battle.

Nevertheless, the British aficionados did this anyway, deciding to use the fight as a benchmark. And once it was determined that the M2 could easily be transformed into an RS3 rear-view mirror decoration, the time came for a rolling start battle to be held.

Sure, the coupe has a bit more torque than the sedan, while both make use of double-clutch trannies to fight the power loss during shifts, but was this small advantage enough for the M car to run with the RS model?

You'll receive your answer in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page. And since the video also includes in-car shots, you'll receive a complete view on this straight-line matter.

Speaking of which, the title of the best sprinter is far from the only aspect that matters when it comes to such a budget go-fast machine (the cash-related term is obviously relative).

For instance, if we are to talk driver involvement, the Audi's understeer tendencies means this is no match for the real-wheel-drive joy delivered by the BMW. But this is another story for another time.

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