Tesla Model S P100D Shows 850 WHP Cadillac CTS-V the Future

P100D vs. 850 WHP CTS-V 6 photos
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P100D vs. 850 WHP CTS-VP100D vs. 850 WHP CTS-VP100D vs. 850 WHP CTS-VP100D vs. 850 WHP CTS-VP100D vs. 850 WHP CTS-V
Oh, please, not another Tesla drag video where the electric sedan makes use of its spectacular torque and traction control management to smoke a high-power gasoline car.
But why not? This never gets old. Sure, a stock Model S P100D is more expensive than most of these modified cars (modifications included), and you could build a car that's quicker than the Tesla with $150k, but this isn't really about money.

It's about having the option of buying a stock car that's profoundly different than all the other, and that can also beat all of them to the 60 mph mark from a standstill. It's about the ridiculousness of the situation. A vehicle made by a relatively new company that can outperform products from brands with decades of tradition, even those who claim to make 'supercars.'

The Cadillac CTS-V is no supercar, but it is a perfectly decent performance vehicle, especially after it's had its powertrain modified to deliver 850 wheel horsepower. The only downside to that? It still has to rely solely on those two rear wheels to put all the power on the ground, which is obviously an impossible task at low speeds.

Something the Tesla takes full advantage on. The first two runs are from a standstill, and it's almost embarrassing to watch. That beautiful sound of the 6.2-liter V8 coupled to the sports exhausts suddenly feels like desperation. It's not aggressive anymore, it's a wounded beast screaming its helplessness. It's the dinosaur realizing its time has come. Why they even bothered to mount a rear-facing GoPro on the Cadillac is beyond us.

And then the two vehicles line up for a rolling start. 40 miles per hour is the chosen speed, and the Caddy gets a second shot at life, one it takes with both hands. The Tesla is still quicker at first, but this time it fails to disappear in the distance. The ICE stays close, digs those rear wheels into the track's tarmac and claws its way back up front. Is it enough to wash away the shame from the previous two runs? Not really, but it does suffice to keep it alive for just a little while more.

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