Tesla Model 3 Performance Version Featured in Model 3 Easter Egg?

Owning a Tesla can be a very rewarding experience or a very frustrating one depending on how lucky or how forgiving you are. For some, it's the best car on the planet; for others, they might as well make lemonade out of it.
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People like Teslas for various reasons, but we're pretty sure two of the most important ones are its environmental credentials and its acceleration, but there are countless other small things that can make you fall in love with the car.

One of them is the Easter Eggs that can be found throughout the menu if you have the time and patience to long-press various symbols on the screen. Most of them were created for one occasion in particular - like the Christmas-themed ones from last year and the year before - but others are there just for fun. Hell, the screen of the second-gen Roadster turns to Plaid whenever its phenomenal acceleration is employed without the need of accessing any Easter Egg, so even the user interface isn't exactly serious at all times.

The hidden trinkets weren't either, but the latest one discovered on the Model 3 is a departure from the norm. Instead of making the car look like a rover roaming on Mars' surface or something ridiculous like that, pressing the "3" in the Model 3 on the "About your Tesla" window will replace the rendering of the EV with an actual picture.

The image shows the electric sedan surrounded by a large part of the Tesla Model 3 team with CEO Elon Musk and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen sitting in the middle. It's not the prettiest picture with the factory wall providing an unflattering background, but that does make it all the more authentic. Like Musk entered the room one day without any prior notice, said "gather 'round," somebody took out their phone and that was it.

However, apart from this Easter Egg showing the company's appreciation toward everyone involved in the project, the image is interesting for one other reason: it seems to show the eluding performance version of the Model 3. We only have one reason to suspect it and that's the red caliper you can spot under the front wheel, but it's not the first time we've seen it. Besides, none of the Model 3s currently rolling out the Freemont plant have them, so this might be more than just a coincidence.

Unfortunately, whether the car in the picture is or isn't a performance version of the Model 3, we still don't know anything more about Tesla's upcoming EV either way. What we do know is that, red calipers or not, it'll be the Model 3 to buy if money isn't an issue.
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