Tesla Model 3 and Tall Persons Mix Very Well Together - 6'7" Guy Tests It

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As a 6'6" myself, I treat cars the same way most people do shoes. It's not just about whether they look good or they have the right performance, they also need to fit me.
It's also what prevents me from opting for a sunroof in most cases. The added mechanism usually lower the roof by a few inches making an otherwise tall (or at least decent) cabin rub against my thinning hair. Not a lot of people can see the top of my head, granted, but that's still not the best hair regrowing solution.

With the Tesla Model 3, however, you didn't get the option to try it out first. You will, eventually, but only after the many hundreds of thousands of subscription holders would have gotten their cars first. Given how things are going right now, that might be sometime in the second half of 2019, so if you wanted the electric sedan earlier, you had to make a blind deposit like everyone else and hope for the best.

If you're not part of the tall people society, you might never have thought about how important this is for some people. A look at the comments on the video below will show just how relieved some people are to see this. Up to this point, they might have been thinking "well, if I don't fit then the wife can have it" and had settled on only driving it occasionally, but now the wait for the EV has become even more difficult to cope with.

Sticking a 6'7" person (two meters tall) in the Model 3 provides some insight for those with more reasonable heights as well. It shows just how big the cabin is and how much room it's got in the rear even when a big person sits in the front (or the other way around). It also shows the sloping roof at the back doesn't incur any penalties in the headroom department. Unless, of course, you're the kind of guy who looks at 7-feet-tall people and says "hey, shortie!"

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