Tesla Investor Day: The Cybertruck Shows Squarish Steering Wheel, Drops Front Center Seat

The Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheel 10 photos
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The Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheelThe Cybertruck shows a squarish steering wheel
Attendants at the 2023 Investor Day event have already spoiled the show by sharing the first pictures of the interior of the beta-production Tesla Cybertruck. Surprisingly, the Cybertruck sports a squarish steering wheel resembling the BMW iX and does away with the center front seat of the original prototypes
One of the most important products Tesla discussed during Investor Day is the Cybertruck. The outlandish electric pickup truck is the most important Tesla product of the last years, with millions of reservations already placed. Tesla recently announced that the Cybertruck had reached the beta-production stage, and Elon Musk approved the final design. Still, many details are unknown, and Investor Day is expected to reveal what we don't know.

Thanks to people attending the Investor Day, we now have interesting details about the Cybertruck interior that were previously unknown. The most striking is the squarish steering wheel, which some still call a steering yoke, although it is nothing like that. The steering wheel resembles that of the BMW iX. That marks a departure from the yoke steering wheel revealed in the previous prototypes. Based on feedback from the Model S and Model X owners, few people wanted to drive using a yoke, so we salute Tesla for this welcome change.

The Cybertruck's interior actually looks pretty neat, with a simplistic cockpit akin to that in the Model 3 and Model Y. The main point of interest is the huge central display, which appears significantly larger than the screen in other Tesla models. Another detail that stands out is that the third front seat has disappeared. In earlier prototypes, there were three seats in front, with the middle seat doubling as a center console. Now, there's only a center console, so forget the center front seat.

The fold-up rear seats are probably the most interesting thing, which appear to borrow a page from Honda's book. From what we see, the rear seats can fold up, freeing space for oversized objects. This is a new trick at Tesla, although Honda pioneered this feature with its Magic Seats. Although it's probably an understated feature, this could be incredibly useful for families, making the Cybertruck much more flexible than other trucks.

Like the refreshed Model X And Model S, the Cybertruck also offers a rear-seat entertainment screen, and we wouldn't expect anything less. The overall impression is that the Cybertruck provides a more refined interior, not only compared to previous prototypes, but compared to other Tesla models. This is impressive, considering that the Cybertruck is still not yet production-ready. The build quality also appears to be up a notch, and this is good news for people who reserved the truck.

We're yet to see the Cybertruck exhibiting new features as far as driving is concerned. Of course, rear-wheel steering springs to mind, considering we haven't seen the latest prototypes showing this feature. Hopefully, Tesla will offer this on the production version of the Cybertruck, as it is one of the most useful features. The Cybertruck is a large pickup truck, so any help maneuvering in tight spaces would be highly appreciated.

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