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Storyteller Overland Rocks RV Kasbah With Heavily Modified AWD Ford Transit
Did you know that one of the most decked-out Ford Transit's you'll ever see is actually an overland machine? If you didn't, today you learn something new.

Storyteller Overland Rocks RV Kasbah With Heavily Modified AWD Ford Transit

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Folks, Storyteller Overland is a Class B RV manufacturer out of Alabama with a knack for completing works that can take you just about anywhere there's a road, trail, or path. Ever since the first days this crew hit the RV scene, they began growing a following. According to Storyteller, the past three years have been devoted to a concept that revolves around a Ford Transit. And this year, they have unveiled their work of art.

The vehicle before you has been dubbed Mode LT and uses a gasoline-fueled Transit 350 EcoBoost with a 148-inch (376-centimeter) wheelbase and high roof. With a 3.5-liter V6 engine, AWD, and 3.73 limited-slip to handle uneven traction, it sounds set to offer not only an off-grid lifestyle but an off-road one, too. 31 gallons (141-liters) of fuel will be powering your travels.

All other goodies that Fords offers have also been included. Engine block heater, swivel driver and co-driver seats, multi-function display, 6-speaker sound system, and adaptive cruise control are just the tip of the iceberg when referring to features aboard this beast of a machine.

What Storyteller did with the LT was also build it upon what the community needs and wants. To give the people what they want, the crew focused on making the LT suitable for as many needs as possible; aside from the off-road capabilities, this is the LT's true power.

Inside, just about every surface can be transformed from its usual function into something else. Take the Dreamweaver bed as an example; it can also be converted into a working surface. There's a GrooveLounge 2-seater that can shift into a sleeping area too. Oh, under the Dreamweaver sits a cargo garage that even looks suitable for a bicycle or two.

Another neat feature that Storyteller included is that of being able to remove upper cabinetry. It may not sound like a big deal, but the benefits can be huge. Just think, if you're looking to take a short weekend trip, and don't need lots of gear, take the cabinets out and use the remaining space for whatever else you have in mind.

Leaving the cabinetry behind won't affect spaces like the galley either. Here you'll find a stainless steel sink with a folding faucet, portable induction cooktop, microwave, and a dual-voltage fridge/freezer. An exterior fold-down table is also part of the kitchen and allows for prepping or serving foods outside.

The bathroom includes a Halo interior shower system with a concealed shower pan, a portable toilet, and a hot water recirculation system operated by a gasoline-fired water heating system. There's also an additional exterior shower in case you need to clean up before heading inside.

Now, the LT is meant to do more than just carry your goods and offer you a place to sleep; it's basically meant to be a drivable powerplant. I say this because LT features things like a peak 6,400-watt inverter, up to 600 watts of solar energy, a 30-amp power cord, and an M-Power 12 kWh energy storage system. All this is then controlled via an intelligent power distribution module and a high output auxiliary alternator. Then there are things like waterworks, which bring 21 gallons (95 liters) of freshwater, a city water connection, and a water control system.

Overall, you're looking at a vehicle with a width of 8 feet 2 inches (2.49 meters), a height of 10 feet 3 inches (3.12 meters), and a length of 19 feet 4 inches (5.89 meters). This yields a machine with a GVWR of 9,500 lbs (4,309 kg).

To think the fun stops there would be sheer folly. In truth, the exterior of this beast has seen quite the attention too. An awning, roof rack with wind deflector, running boards, and side mount ladder are just a few of what Storyteller has thrown onto this machine.

A few other interior features you'll find inside are things like ceiling fan, cabin AC unit, tons of USB ports, 12-volt and 110-volt outlets, bug screens, and a ton of dimmable LEDs to catch the right interior vibe.

So, how much is the Mode LT going to run you? Well, don't freak out or anything, but you're looking at an AWD, off-road, and off-grid ready vehicle that starts at 153,748 USD (134,358 EUR). Once you add on any extras, you could easily go beyond that price, but I just don't see what else you could add to this beast.


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