Step Aside Golf Carts! This Karcher Concept Aims To Be the Solution for Campus Traveling

If you've attended college or some massive university campus, you know just how hard and time-consuming it can be to travel up and down said campus. Well, a designer from Ankara, Turkey, has come up with a rather feasible solution to this problem. But can it replace the mighty golf cart?
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Photo: Edibe Zehra Kanibol / Edited by autoevolution
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Folks, this is the Karcher Campus' 2023. It's nothing more than a three-wheeled EV concept from the mind of Edibe Zehra Kanibol, an industrial design student from Ankara, Turkey. As to why I chose to bring to light such an idea, it's because it solves a problem that some of us face daily, long-distance travel in very short periods. But there's a catch. As its name would imply, the Campus' is only to be used in a campus setting. Makes sense.

Now, you'll never be able to see this vehicle making its way around town, but rather, confined to university and college grounds. Moreover, Edibe conceived the Campus as a rental service only for teachers and students. A shame if you ask me because I'd love to hop onto some private property, download the app quickly, make an account, and take advantage of this thing's 6 kW motor and zip around town at speeds upwards of 45 kph (28 mph).

Ok, so let me back things up a bit, and start with the inspiration behind the Campus'. If you've heard of the Karcher brand before, you have some idea of the design elements that went into the concept. Karcher is a German manufacturer of all kinds of mechanized goods like vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, robots, and even detergents and batteries to be used in either home or industrial settings. In short, they just about do it all. So, why not build a campus mobility device for the brand? And that's what Edibe shows off here.

From a design perspective, some of the Karcher traits are clearly visible, and some don't necessarily belong to the brand. For instance, that shade of yellow that always tells you you're looking at a Karcher product is present on the Campus'. Features like the thin LED strips of lighting aren't something accustomed to the German powerhouse. Oh, and the shape of the Campus' reminds me a whole lot of a floor scrubber that Karcher manufactures.

Karcher Campus' 2023
Photo: Edibe Zehra Kanibol
Diving deeper into the design, Edibe created an EV, which means a few things for any user and operator. First off, the lower half of the Campus' hides nothing more than a frame and a large battery array that spans the width of the car. This pack is also set towards the rear of the EV and next to the motor, or engine, in this case, an "induction engine." It's another way of saying that it uses an asynchronous motor. At least it's RWD, which can be rather fun if you and your passenger are in sync and know how to work the pedals. The front wheel is just there to steer the whole thing.

With a base in place, Edibe then goes on to create the rest of the bodywork and interior of the Campus'. What I enjoyed about this stage in her project was the way she gave us an exploded view of all the components that go into the final product. Why is this essential? Because it allows for a more fluid sales pitch. No joke. If I were a manufacturer of products, and some cat came in and said, "Hey, I have an idea for this vehicle." I'd ask, "How long is the production time, and what do we need to build it?" With something like this, I'd really give it some thought.

Aside from panels, seats, and countless other components, there's some solid functionality built into the Campus'. First, it's a two-seater, which is excellent for helping you travel with someone sharing a class. Maybe you have some large project you need to carry. Ditch the passenger and place your work of art on the front seat. Actually, just lift the rear window and use the designated storage space behind the seats.

Karcher Campus' 2023
Photo: Edibe Zehra Kanibol
More on the interior, some of the Karcher yellow I mentioned highlights systems and features like the steering wheel and its controls and some of the buttons found on the dashboard. Oh, and let's not forget that this bugger even has speakers built into the doors. I wish I could've traveled across campus in an EV like this bumping my favorite jams. A smartphone holder and charger are also integrated into the dash, and so is an electronic display, showing speed and motor RPMs and what song you're bumping from your smart device.

Wrap all that up with an app to help you track use, unlock, and pay for your rides, and what do we have? A decent alternative to on-campus traveling. But is it enough to replace the already electrified golf carts we all know? I find that this question depends entirely on the image a particular university or college may want to brandish. Then we have to address infrastructure because the last thing you want is smashing into someone jamming on their headphones at 45 kph. A topic for another day.

If said university is looking for something fresh and modern with some functionality, why not? If an establishment wants a way to bring in some cash flow, it's also an option. Want to keep your students and faculty relaxed and listening to their favorite tunes while zipping around in an EV? The Karcher Campus' 2023 sounds like a base to build upon. Even if we never see it in real life, this seems to be the direction things are headed worldwide.
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