Rotary-Powered Mazda Miata Drag Racer Looks Like a Batmobile, Has 1,200 HP

Rotary-Powered Mazda Miata Drag Racer 8 photos
Photo: Toughest Cars/YouTube
Rotary-Powered Mazda MiataRotary-Powered Mazda MiataRotary-Powered Mazda MiataRotary-Powered Mazda MiataRotary-Powered Mazda MiataRotary-Powered Mazda MiataRotary-Powered Mazda Miata
Here's a top question: is the Mazda Miata underpowered? Well, the answer obvious depends on whether one is ready to accept the philosophy of the little roadster. And the generation we're talking about, with many aficionados agreeing that the earlier models could do with a bit more power.
Well, the NB Miata (this was the second generation of the toy) that brought us here certainly has tons of muscle. The one who is lucky enough to get behind the wheel of this contraption gets to play with no less than 1,200 ponies.

Then there's the source of that power. As you've guessed by now, this isn't your usual LS swap. Instead, the owner wanted to do something special, which is why he gifted the Mazda with a 13B engine. The rotary motor works with a generous GTX55 turbocharger, so the said muscle number of the monster only comes natural.

Of course, gifting a Mazda Miata with ten times the factory power (the number is approximate) requires plenty of supporting mods and this four-wheleed creature packs plenty of that.

After all, the toy needs all the hardware it has received, since the sportscar has been re-purposed. You see, this Mazda is now a drag racer.

Despite the build appearing to be dominated by its engine, the devil is in the details with this one. And you can zoom in on the machine thanks to the piece of footage below, which also takes us inside the toy.

As you can imagine, the cabin has been stripepd out so while we don't know the exact scale footpring of this vehicle, going for #featherweight seems like a reasonable expectation.

P.S.: Before you head over to the "play" buton below, make sure to turn up the volume, so you can enjoy the idling war cry of that Wankel engine.

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