Reconn R4 Elite Tandem
Some trailers include massive and luxurious interiors meant to sleep the whole gang, while others are more geared towards functionality. Some include a mixture of both.

Reconn R4 Elite Tandem Is a Camper Trailer Forged in the Fires of Hell

Reconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite TandemReconn R4 Elite Tandem
Meet the Reconn R4 Elite Tandem, a rugged off-road trailer camper from none other than Australia-based Lifestyle Campers. Never heard of this team? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a little bit of history.

Since 1999, when John and Terri Swinglehurst decided to turn their passion for camping into a business, this family-owned company has made it their priority to offer low-cost but high-quality campers and trailers. Twenty plus years later, the Tandem stands as a testament of what they’re up to in the Land Down Under.

As we all know, Australia is a place where you go to slay modern-day dragons... Seriously now, it’s a land where nearly everything can kill you. Even kangaroos have a vicious kick. That said, you can bet your bottom dollar that this trailer has been molded in what would seem like, well, hell. Yeah, that’s a good description for its birthplace.

Reconn R4 Elite Tandem
We’ve seen camper trailers like this one before on our site, and yes, it’s built to last in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. One thing that sets this sort of vehicle apart from fifth wheels or toy haulers is the implementation of a pop-up feature. What, you thought you’d be sleeping in a hobbit home? No, no, no. One of the main features of the Tandem is its ability to ‘grow’ an interior. But we’ll talk about that shortly.

The second discerning feature we find on the Tandem is the exterior. Because of its relatively small size, the exterior of the trailer is loaded with features you would normally find indoors. This helps keep the already limited interior space for two purposes: sleeping and dining. After all, did you ever try to eat cooked food with wild animals around? Yeah, good thing eating will happen indoors.

However, the activity of cooking your meal is to happen outside. To do that, a three-burner gas cooktop and stainless-steel sink with plenty of lockable exterior cabinets are just some of the tools offered for your meal prep. There’s also a fridge to keep things fresh in the scorching heat of the desert. A few other external features we can find or have the possibility to include are an exterior shower, awning, and a whole bunch more storage space.

Reconn R4 Elite Tandem
Inside the trailer, however, the story changes a bit from what we’re normally used to. Here, we only have room for a bedroom, dining room, and bathroom with toilet and another shower. Bedding is found at the rear and lifted above the rest of the furnishings because of the storage space underneath. Down below, there's a countertop with another small sink and modular dining room. Depending on the floorplan you choose, this area is also equipped with a bunk bed to accommodate more guests if required.

Personally, what I enjoy the most about this company is the fact that living off-grid is a goal for it. To help you do that, several systems are found aboard the Tandem to assist you in staying away from civilization for as long as possible. One system is photovoltaic charging through a pair of panels atop the roof. Just what the doctor ordered.

As far as pricing goes, it’s a bit difficult to say how much this trailer will run you because a number of options allow you to jumble what you’ve got in your pocket. However, being an Australian company, whatever you’ll end up paying will probably be calculated in Aussie dollars. To get an idea, we’ve seen a starting price for one of these puppies of around $87,000, hopefully Australian; otherwise, it’s a bit much if you ask me.


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