See What a Million Dollar Motorhome Looks Like With Newmar's 2021 King Aire

If you’ve wondered where super stars get their mobile homes, you know, the one’s you see in movies, they’re probably from Newmar.
2021 King Aire 19 photos
Photo: Newmar Corp
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Ladies and gents, if you glazed over the title then you know what this piece is going to be all about. Yes, a motor coach that comes in with a starting price tag of $1,296,080. Yes, we’re telling you that this motorhome, the King Aire, comes in with a starting price tag of over $1,000,000.

But before we get into the nitty gritty of it all, let’s find out a little bit about the creators of this vault on wheels, Newmar. Well, about this team, there really isn’t much to say. If you haven’t heard of them, your parents or grandparents surely have.

They’ve been fabricating and mastering the art of mobile homes since 1968. Ultimately, the range they like to operate in is above $100,000. We’ve even featured some of their other works before on our site, and all are up to this luxurious standard.

2021 King Aire
Photo: Newmar Corp
As for the King Aire, this is the most expensive motorhome the company has to offer. But why so much? Well, let's find out, shall we? Check this out. To help you along with the text and to offer a much clearer view of what we’ll be talking about, there’s also a video below that will take you on a tour of this motorcoach.

One thing to mention before we embark on this journey of a thousand gold pieces, is that this vehicle does come with the option of one of three floorplans. Each one does, however, include the exact same amount to space to work with. The only differences seem to be the layout of amenities and some storage spaces.

To start, all floorplans use the same chassis, a Spartan KG with a Cummins X15 that cranks out 605 hp with a torque rating of 1,950 lb-ft and a 20,000 lb (9071 kg) towing capacity. What do you mean it’s not enough? Listen, maybe you aren’t aware that Spartan also manufactures some of the fire trucks that we use to save our cities.

2021 King Aire
Photo: Newmar Corp
I'm going to skip over the electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling systems. Why? Well, because if you ever pay this much for a mobile home, there better not be a single system missing that you may need. But Newmar knows this and has everything covered, so rest easy.

What I am going to mention, however, is the interior design, bedding, amenities, and other perks that seem to be necessary for some. One thing I'd like to bring to your attention is the list of optional features for the Aire. For the first time in a very long time, I've run across a spec sheet that shows more options that standard features, for the interior at least.

Standard, the furnishings inside are inclusive of Tuscan Maple cabinets with super polished quart countertops, European-style cabinets, and the awesome lighting you see. Even tile flooring is standard in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area. Honestly, if I were to run through all the features that we can find, we’d be here until tomorrow. But I can mention an entertainment center with more features than found in my own home.

2021 King Aire
Photo: Newmar Corp
Inside we also find plenty of living and sleeping space if needed. I say if needed as most furnishings are modular and can convert into a sleeping area. That’s not to say there isn't a king size bed in the back as well. Also at the rear of this vehicle are the bathroom and laundry facilities, readily equipped with a washer/dryer and a huge shower and full-size toilet.

A good way to get a feel for this vehicle, is to check out our image gallery, as we all know that a picture can be worth a thousand words. However, let’s say you fall in love with this luxury motorhome and have the funds to pick one up. What then? Well, give a click here to check out the manufacturer’s website. But if you do go through the whole process of putting one of these dreams together for yourself, do let us know how much your lifestyle costs. Maybe the next cover story can be about you.

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