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Affordable Lithium RV Trailer Sleeps Two Families and a Garage Full of Toys
Folks, the end to all this staying locked indoors thing is almost over. Hopefully, soon we'll be able to go back to enjoying our lives on something like this.

Affordable Lithium RV Trailer Sleeps Two Families and a Garage Full of Toys

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It’s called the Lithium, and there's way more to it than meets the eye, so please pay attention. We're talking about an RV or recreational vehicle that is so large it even includes a garage built into the shell to store motorcycles, e-bikes, ATVs, or anything else you can fit into the reserved space.

The creators behind this wonderful addition to your vacation are none other than the folks over at Heartland RVs. It’s possible you may have heard of them, but only recently on our own pages. If you don’t know anything about this team, all I need to tell you is it offers trailers and luxury RVs anywhere from $10,000 to over $150,000, with the lifestyle matching the rate.

The Lithium, however, isn’t focused so much on luxury as utility. At the customer's disposal, the team has placed four different layouts, each one starting with a different MSRP and the ability to trick it out way beyond the base model you see in the gallery.

One particular layout, number 2714, is so well thought out that it’s even able to include a sleeping capacity of eight people. If you want to see what that even looks like, all the while including a garage in the same space, just click here and take a virtual tour on the manufacturer's website.

But, since we’re here anyway, let’s run through a few quick details about this wonderful trinket. Overall, the 2714 comes in with a GVWR of 11,910 lbs (5,402 kg) but is capable of a cargo capacity of 3,978 lbs (1,804 kg). The current layout also offers 268 sq ft (24 sq m) of surface area, which is more than some studio apartments found around the world.

The interior, however, is nothing garage-like. Don’t worry though, we’ll get to that in a moment. Inside, towards the front, the team has included a massive bedroom with an equally large king-size bed. I don’t know about you, but it’s not often we see a king-sized bed in a trailer. From here, we can take a step into the bathroom equipped with a toilet, vanity, and full-size shower with a tub. A friggin tub, in an RV... now we’re getting places.

Further into the mobile home, we come across a kitchen that includes a three-burner stovetop with a dual sink and plenty of countertop space. There’s even a 10-cu ft ( 283-liter) refrigerator. The inclusion of both convection and traditional oven completes the rest of this fully equipped kitchen.

A futon and a couple of lazy boys make up the living room, while a completely foldable dining room functions as another place to lay some guests to sleep or simply fold everything out of the way to include your toys. This area also includes special flooring making it easy to clean but also keep everything else as neat and tidy too.

Offering access to the interior while on your vehicles, an on-ramp is available at the rear. One thing I find neat about this is that if you decide to leave the toys at home, this portion looks as though it can be used as a sort of patio. We don’t know anything about a load capacity for this situation but seeing how you can drive an ATV or UTV on it, it should hold under the weight of your daughter’s tea party as well.

Personally, with a starting MSRP of $33,916, any of the Lithium layouts will do just fine for any pocket. If you don’t agree, think about what you’re getting for the price of a new car.


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