Everything Is Full-Size With the $555K “Supreme Aire” Motor Coach

2021 Supreme Aire Motor Coach 13 photos
Photo: Newmar Corp
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Some people own homes near a beach, while others own homes near the mountains. Some folks, however, own homes that can be anywhere they want. This motor coach is one of those homes.
Before you go any further with this text, please check out the gallery, watch the video below, and then come back to the text, though you probably won’t be reading this after. I mean, who does any reading these days anyway?

In case you have come back to the text, what do you think? Pretty awesome, huh? Honestly, I've only seen stuff like this in movies, so seeing the level of luxury some people in this world have access to really gets me going.

To understand a bit more about Newmar's Supreme Aire and help you grasp the size of this thing, you should know that the chassis and motor for this badass machine are supplied by Freightliner. Yes, the same company whose trucks carry tons and tons of goods across America each day. The motor is a 2021 Detroit Diesel DD13 with 505 HP. If you’re worried about pulling all that weight, don’t be. With a torque range between 1,250 lb-ft (1,692 Nm) and 1,850 lb-ft (2,505 Nm) and 781 cu in (12.8 l) of displacement, you’ll be fine getting to whatever ridge you like. Just make sure to stay on asphalt, as I'm not quite sure how well this beast will perform off-road.

2021 Supreme Aire Motor Coach
Photo: Newmar Corp
As for the interior, because that’s really the main point of interest here, Newmar offers five different layouts to choose from. Click here to look at them yourself as there’s so much going on we’d be here until the cows come home if I tried to run through it all.

This holds true for the features we find in and on the Aire as well. Take the kitchen, for example. I’ve seen a kitchen like this before, so it may not be a big deal. But what is a big deal is the fact that the only other place we’ve seen a full sink, oven, refrigerator, and stovetop like these is in our homes. And even then, judging by the woodwork we see, it’s a pretty ritzy home, don’t you think? Even the place where I live now looks nothing like this. But then again, the apartment I live in only costs about $120,000. The Aire, however, starts at $554,973. Starts!

2021 Supreme Aire Motor Coach
Photo: Newmar Corp
Now, you’ve seen the kitchen, so what about the rest? Do I need to say anything at all, really? I thought the gallery would do this justice enough. Let’s face it, very few of us even have this sort of furnishing in a $350,000 home. The fact that this thing includes a his and hers vanity is absolutely mind-boggling. Unlike concepts with all that glitz and glam, this is palpable and real.

The bedrooms, too, are out of this world. A massive bed with tons of storage space overhead and sliding door closets gives you a home bedroom feel. And there are even two little windows on the sides of the headboard to allow for a view of the sunrise while you have your head on a pillow.

If you need to refresh, a full-sized shower booth is available and includes what seems to be a water massage system, but that isn’t actually in the plans. Something like that usually requires a massive filtration system.

2021 Supreme Aire Motor Coach
Photo: Newmar Corp
What is in the plans is the huge entertainment system spread out all over the vehicle. Bose comes in with soundbar and woofer, while Samsung and Sony complete your viewing pleasure. There’s even a satellite dish prep on the roof and an HD 360 camera system.

Listen folks, there really isn’t enough time on our hands to go through everything this massive and luxurious mobile home can offer you; just click that link near the top of the text and get all your info from the source. You won’t be sorry.

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