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Retro and Modular “Traveler” Gives You the Freedom to Live Life on the Road

2021 has finally rolled around and assuming there’s no alien invasion, we’ll all soon be able to get back to our old lives, if you still want that. But for the time being, let’s say you somehow manage to get out of town. If you do, make sure it’s in one of these.
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Photo: Happier Camper
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Folks, what we’re looking at is known as the Traveler from Happier Camper. And even though it may look like some retro camper from the sixties and late seventies, it's more modern than a lot of other trailers on the market.

If you don’t know anything about Happier Camper, it’s time you’ve become acquainted with these guys as they put out some affordable works. In addition, they happen to build some of the most versatile and easy to use campers out there. Click here to check out the HC1 we’ve featured before.

The Traveler, however, comes in with a dry weight of 1,800 lbs (816 kg) but a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 lbs (1,587 kg). Sure, it may seem a bit much for your Camry, but then again, you shouldn’t be towing something this large with a 4-cylinder machine.

HC Traveler
Photo: Happier Camper
As for the dimensions of the Traveler, it comes in with a shell length of 14 feet (4.26 meters), interior width of six and a half feet (1.98 meters), and a roomy interior height of six and a half feet as well. All that adds up to a massive 85 sq ft (7.9 sq m) of walkable floor space.

But the magic of the Traveler isn’t the massive headroom or the built-in bathroom with toilet, shower, sink, and bamboo racks. No, it’s all about the modular interior that Happier has developed. It’s known as the Adaptiv system, and the way it works is quite simple.

Imagine for a second that you are now living in a world where everything is Lego, minus the crab claws. Inside this trailer, your interior is at the mercy of your creativity. Adaptiv allows components like benches, storage spaces, tabletops, and tables to be moved around as if they’re made of Legos.

Within minutes you can transform the interior from a bedroom to an office. Said office can then be transformed by taking everything out and setting it up outside for a meal under the stars. With full bellies, it will only take you a couple of minutes to set up your bedroom again. It’s that easy.

HC Traveler
Photo: Happier Camper
Now, I realize this all sounds like a sales pitch, but for the $49,950 base price, you can consider it one. After all, not many campers meant to last you a lifetime come in with such a price. But there is a small catch; this is the Starter package price. The Premium package rolls in for $59,950 but includes everything from an off-grid solar package to patio bases and a crank-out awning.

Aside from the basics of a bathroom and kitchenette, the interior includes a number of nooks and crannies for you to deposit your travel goods. And yes, even here, we find the same Lego style system that keeps everything in its place. One thing I liked about all the counter tops and cabinets was the use of bamboo; aside from looking neat, it’s lightweight and durable.

Listen, if we were to sit here and talk you through everything this camper includes and can do, we’d be here till the end of quarantine. So do check out the video below and link to Happier Camper to check it out for yourself.

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