Raid Glamping Grounds With Expandable Viking Campers: Immersive Outdoor Living on a Budget

This year's glamping season is coming to a close, and you know what that means! If you don't, let me remind you that, at this time, dealerships are looking to ditch unsold stock to make room for next year's goods. This makes it the perfect opportunity to ready your mobile arsenal for next season.
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As I explored dealerships and what they're looking to ditch, I ran across a camper lineup from none other than Coachmen RV, a manufacturer whose works we've featured before. Since the name Coachmen has been a staple of American mobile living since 1964, it's no wonder you've heard of them.

Well, with such a longstanding history in an industry, you can bet your bottom dollar that this manufacturer knows precisely what future customers are looking for. With that in mind, let's look at this crew's Viking camping trailers, a lineup of off-road, off-grid capable, and expansive campers designed to immerse you into the landscape around you.

Now, people are different, so we're presented with various Viking habitats. Nonetheless, no matter the unit you choose, all feature an expandable component and some even a slide-out. Again, it all depends on your needs, wants, and budget.

For example, the Express class, the smallest of the bunch, typically accommodates two to three people, includes a pop-top rear portion, and while suited with a galley block, there is no bathroom, just storage space to bring along a portable toilet and possible set up an outdoor shower. Remember how I said these units bring you closer to the great outdoors?

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Down the line, Coachmen offer the LS and Epic classes. The LS is available as three floorplans, but no matter your choice, all feature a pop-up top and two lateral and elevated sleeping areas covered in tent canvas. Because these units can fit more guests, you can be sure they also feature more storage space, and one unit, the 2308LS, even allows for an optional bathroom package. The Epic is similar to the LS but features a roomier interior and a modular dinette.

Finally, for those with larger families or groups of friends, there's the Legend. This class boasts just one floorplan, and while it may look similar to some of the ones I previously mentioned, this one is filled with the works. Two lateral bedding areas, a queen and a king, a modular dinette, galley, extra storage, and of course, this unit includes an integrated bathroom.

As you explore all this lineup has to offer, I beg you to pay extra attention to the options that can be added to each class. Some units allow for solar power, others require you to bring portable ones, but no matter the floorplan you end up looking at, an off-road package is available to all. This means going even further and truly immersing yourself into the greater outdoors so much that you may need to buy some bear mace; venture deep into the wild.

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Basically, your family's experience may go something a lot like this: you've driven for a couple of hours to the point where nothing but wind through treetops is all you can hear. With a clearing chosen to settle down for the next few days, everyone starts preparing the campsite.

With things in full swing, a fire pit dug out, bedding in place, and even some food on the cooktop, you heed my bear warning and set up an alarm system. Nothing more than some fishing line and bells will do. When the time comes, and you need to leave the camper behind for some adventure, store food and perishables in the lockable compartments or even fold the camper into its locked position.

So, how much are these buggers going to cost you? It all depends on who your dealership may be and the optional features included, but according to listings made on RV Trader, you can grab a new LS class camper for around $16,000 (€16,300 at current exchange rates), and the LS are those units with at least two bedding areas. Sounds like the sort of machine to consider for next year's warmer months.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of unspecified Viking camper floorplans, amenities, and custom interiors.


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