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Purple Nissan GT-R Is So Cool It Deserves Its Own Song

Not many vehicles can tap into their flashy side and still look good, but with a steady hand (or more for that matter) and a good eye for tasteful builds, a relatively old model, like the Nissan GT-R, can become even more head-turning.
Nissan GT-R rendering 10 photos
Nissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R renderingNissan GT-R rendering
That said, meet a very special Nissan GT-R, which most petrolheads would be proud to own, despite the purple color that reminds us of an eponymous Lamborghini song, hence the reference in the title.

The Japanese supercar is next-level crazy, with the bolt-on fenders that Liberty Walk would proudly claim. The front ones have a curved design, whereas the rear fenders, which have also been fattened up, sport a sharper styling.

New side skirts are part of the makeover, and so are the flaps attached to the front bumper, and big chin spoiler. The red tow hook gives it a racy flair, and the vented hood contributes to the revised stance. The back end has received a gigantic wing, made of carbon fiber, and new diffuser that still has cutouts for the quad exhaust pipes.

The darkened exterior lighting units are part of the design, together with the red brake calipers, and to round off the project, this Godzilla has received wide six-spoke alloys on both axles, with a dual-tone finish, hugged by the fat yet sticky tires. The privacy windows, prevent us from taking a peek inside, but that’s alright, because it doesn’t feature anything special there.

Why is that, you ask? For the simple reason that the car does not actually exist. It is the work of dm_jon on Instagram, who combined various parts from different companies for the renderings shared in the image gallery. Still, as we already said, we definitely wouldn’t mind owning it, and we think that neither would you, yet if we had to choose, we’d probably change the purple with something less lively.


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