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Plymouth Prowler Imagined as a Hellcat Legend, Not the DaimlerChrysler Letdown

Things like the Chevrolet SSR or the Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler should have hit all the right spots for customers who loved classic cars but didn’t want to bother with all the (bad) habits of an old vehicle. They were factory restomods of sorts at a fraction of the cost usually needed to bring back such custom rides to life. And they still failed to impress enough to survive past a generation.
Plymouth Prowler Hellcat render by jlord8 on Instagram 3 photos
Plymouth Prowler Hellcat render by jlord8 on InstagramPlymouth Prowler Hellcat render by jlord8 on Instagram
Both the Prowler and the Super Sport Roadster would have been proud representatives of the U.S. automotive industry if things had gone down a bit differently. And we don’t mean there’s anything wrong with the fact that one was a retro-styled, front-engined rear everything else, while the other was essentially a hardtop convertible pickup truck.

As far as the Prowler is concerned, many questioned it because the hot rod appearance wasn’t backed up by the proper V8 powerplant (we have no beef with the SSR’s latter LS2 V8, though). Portraying a feisty image wasn’t enough, apparently, if under the very long hood stood a puny 3.5-liter V6, right?

That’s probably also the line of thought behind pixel master jlord8’s latest imaginary creation, a Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler that jumped back into the future for a healthy dose of FCA/Stellantis oomph that might erase the shameful DaimlerChrysler past. At least as far as the virtual world is concerned, because we have no expectations of anyone raising the Prowler back from the dead for a reinvention.

But we’re still allowed to dream, especially since many still consider the design as one of the most spectacular attempts as far as American production cars of the 2000s go. And this time around, although it’s hidden from sight in this quick rendering, the Prowler should get the attention it deserves, thanks to the 6.2-liter V8 Hellcat heart.

Now, it seems that some people are never satisfied, so it’s only natural that someone commented the Prowler should have been treated to a Viper engine swap instead of the Hellcat.


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