Phantom Thinks Orange Is Black While S 580 Loves Grigio, But Both Got Brushed

Rolls-Royce Phantom Black Badge and S 580 on AGL60 7 photos
Photo: agluxurywheels / Instagram
Rolls-Royce Phantom Black Badge and S 580 on AGL60Rolls-Royce Phantom Black Badge and S 580 on AGL60Rolls-Royce Phantom Black Badge and S 580 on AGL60AG Luxury projectsAG Luxury projectsAG Luxury projects
Realistically speaking, one cannot do better than Rolls-Royce if one wants the absolute glory of British ultra-luxury. The only question left is about the body style, then.
Sure, many folks might argue that on the subject of glorious automotive brands from the UK that now reside under German rule, one would also have to take Bentley into account. But, come on, we all know that VW AG snubbed the short straw out of the deal that saw Rolls-Royce go to the BMW Group around two and a half decades ago. And, today, after record sales for 2022, things could not be looking better for Rolls, mainly thanks to the Cullinan ultra-luxury super-SUV, the Phantom and Ghost four-door saloons, or the upcoming Spectre EV grand tourer, among others.

As always, now that the automaker is covering more body styles than ever, it comes down to a personal choice to select the perfect ride to stand out in a ritzy crowd. Those who seek to live an outrageous lifestyle might easily go for the latest ‘kids’ on the block, such as the Cullinan crossover SUV or the upcoming Spectre grand tourer with zero emissions. But anyone feeling more traditional than ever will surely go down the Phantom route. And, no worries, we have a fitting example to personify the latter choice.

As such, here are the custom-forged wheel experts over at Santa Fe Springs, California-based AG Luxury, which have uncovered yet another potentially outrageous yet elegant couple of customization and personalization projects. First comes the aforementioned Rolls-Royce Phantom, courtesy of the Wires Only shop, rocking that ‘orange is the new black’ style that makes for one of the best contrasting ensembles of the automotive world.

Thus, the exterior is all (but the wheels) pitch black by way of a Black Badge creation that rides posh on AGL60 monoblock forged Aerodisc-like ‘steelies’ with a brushed clear finish. Meanwhile, the ritzy interior sparkles with orange and glossy black so that everyone does not feel afraid that it is Darth Vader’s car, after all. Secondly, just in case you do not like the Netflix comedy-drama (Orange Is the New Black) pun, we also have a German representative of the luxury establishment making a name for itself in America.

That would be yet another example of the (W223) seventh-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which has become quite ubiquitous to aftermarket shenanigans on both coasts of the United States. When it comes to Santa Fe Springs, California-based Avant Garde Wheels goodies, the Mercedes S 580 is also brushing the competition off with ‘Grigio’ monochrome thoughts that are matched by the Platinum Group to the same AGL60 monoblock forged wheels, albeit with a Brushed Grigio with polished top face finish. So, which one is more to your liking?

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Editor's note: Gallery also includes other AG Luxury projects for illustration purposes.

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