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Pete Davidson Takes North West Out for a Drive in Kim's Pink Moke

Things are getting even more serious between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, because the Saturday Night Live comedian was seen driving around with Kim’s eldest, North West, in Kim's pink Moke.
Pete Davidson in Kim Kardashian's Pink Moke 6 photos
Kim Kardashian's Pink MokeKim Kardashian's Pink MokePete Davidson in Kim Kardashian's Pink MokePete Davidson in Kim Kardashian's Pink MokePete Davidson in Kim Kardashian's Pink Moke
Just a few days ago, we reported that Pete Davidson took Kim’s pink Moke on a trip to Scott Disick’s house. The comedian seems to be quite familiar with Kim Kardashian’s fleet of cars and her family, as well.

Given that Kim considers herself a “car girl,” her garage of modern, custom cars proves it. And, despite paying the big bucks for them, she has no issue lending Pete her cars. In the past, Davidson got a chance to use her custom Rolls-Royce Ghost several times as his daily car, and now, he found another one he likes: an electric Moke.

The Moke in question comes from the fleet Kris Jenner gave the Kardashian sisters for Christmas, and it seems like it’s perfect for driving around to each other’s mansions (the Kardashians have homes very close to one another).

And now, it looks like Kim and Pete took a very big step in their relationship. Since the two have been dating for around six months, she has now introduced him to her kids. In a video shared by TMZ, the comedian is seen driving around with Kim’s eldest, North West, 8, whom she shares with rapper Kanye “Ye” West.

According to the same outlet, her cousin, Penelope Disick, seems to have been in the Moke as well as they drove around a gated community in Los Angeles, so it looks like Pete is having a lot of fun with the family.

The drive in the pink Moke happened on Sunday afternoon, and it reportedly lasted for half an hour, before they returned home.

The Moke started as a wannabe military field vehicle in the 1960s, but it became a low-speed beach cruiser. The brand introduced an electric version in 2021, which is what Kris gave the Kardashian sisters.

The official website claims the EV has a range of 89 mi (144 km), it can drive for about four hours before it needs charging, and has a top speed of 62 mph (100 kph).

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