One Old Blue Volkswagen Beetle and a New Negative Speeding Record Bring a Record Fine

Driver of a VW Beetle set a new negative record for speeding fines 34 photos
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Certain records are not the kind you want to write home about. This one is of the kind you don’t even want to be present for, though that will hardly make any difference in terms of accountability.
One Welsh driver at the wheel of an old, blue Volkswagen Beetle was caught speeding 57 times in just two months earlier this year. He also ran a red light, which brought the number of driving-related offenses to 58 and launched a national manhunt, Wales Online reports.

The driver’s favorite offense was speeding through 30 mph (48.2 kph) zones, which he’d often cross at double that speed, and not once going below 45 mph (72.5 kph). According to the publication, officers from Staffordshire Police appealed to GoSafe, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, to try and track him down. Using footage from surveillance cameras, GoSafe was able to track down the speeding blue Beetle to the driver.

The vehicle was seized in April for having no insurance, outside a home where the owner was believed to reside. Police issued 58 citations in his name, and not a single one received a response. The police then referred the case to the courts, which is why we’re hearing about this now.

The driver didn’t show up in court, but all his 58 offenses were proved, so that did little in terms of helping him avoid accountability. The court ruled that he would be banned from the roads for 36 months and will have to pay a fine of £47,000 (approximately $53,200 at the current exchange rate), which is probably a new negative record for such a small and cutesy car.

Jokes aside, don’t be this guy. No matter the kind of rush you’re in or how inefficient you consider speed limits in certain areas to be, drive safe and abide by the law. If you do mess up, doing the grown-up thing of taking responsibility is a nice idea.
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Editor's note: Photos in the gallery show VW Beetles, but not the speed demon in the story.

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