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Nissan Z Proto Meets Its Ancestors on the Race Track in CGI, Game-Like Ad

The next-generation Z car is just around the corner, and Nissan is gearing up for the release with a new ad. The two-minute-long commercial sees the Z Proto meet its ancestors on the race track, but the footage is CGI generated. It's like Nissan just launched its own racing video game.
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The somewhat surreal ad kicks off with a sunrise and an early 240Z driven in a warehouse. As the coupe moves behind massive pillars, it turns into the Z Proto. After a few close-ups, the scenario changes to a race track, and it's here that the use of CGI becomes obvious.

The Z Proto overtakes the old 240Z and a fourth-generation 300ZX before being unleashed at high-speed on a twisty track. There's even a bit of drifting, with graphics and dynamics reminding me of the Real Racing 3 mobile game.

The Z Proto catches up with the 240Z and 300ZX on the track and all three Z cars are then joined by the 350Z and 370Z. The ad ends with all five coupes driving in a V-shaped formation as the camera pans up to reveal that the track is a big Nissan logo.

The music makes the ad seem a bit cheesy, but it's a cool way to remind us that the next-gen Z is underway. And I wouldn't mind seeing the Z Proto included in the next Real Racing 3 update. Drifting the Nissan 370Z Nismo on Laguna Seca is getting a little boring.

Unveiled in September 2020, the Z Proto previews the next-generation Z car. Previous rumors said it would be called the 400Z, but more recent intel suggests it will be known as the Fairlady Z in Japan and Nissan Z everywhere else.

It should debut by the end of 2021 with minor changes from the Z Proto and a V6 engine rated at around 400 horsepower. The Japanese coupe will reportedly start from $34,995 in the U.S., which is almost $5,000 more than the outgoing 370Z.

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