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Nissan GT-R "X-Wing Fighter" Is All The Star Wars Tribute We Need

A glance at the calendar will reveal why everybody is in a Star Wars mood today. And while Porsche, together with franchise owner Lucasfilm, connected the SW universe to the car world last year, coming up with a starship our readers could enjoy in classic racing liveries, it seems that bond has gotten stronger this year. As such, we are here to check out a few May The Fourth... efforts the automotive realm just delivered. And then some.
Nissan GT-R "X-Wing Fighter" rendering 5 photos
Star Wars artStar Wars artStar Wars artStar Wars art
It all starts with the Nissan GT-R mentioned in the title above, which borrows more than the ready-to-open-for-battle wings, with the droid riding shotgun being a brilliant example (more on this below). Oh, and the naturally aspirated V8 swap (would you look at those individual throttle bodies) is on the house.

That's because this virtual contraption comes from Yasid Oozeear, one of the digital artists that sit in the first line of the rendering revolution.

And while we're on this topic, it's clear that Bugatti approves of such pixel portraits, as you'll notice in the second social media post below - Molsheim re-Instagrammed a Chiron Pur Sport "Stormtrooper" spec rendering (the Speed Shot followers among you might be familair to this, since we published the exploratory spec last month).

Returning to the droid theme, the dark astromech goodie awaiting you in the third post below, which may or may not be real, comes from Koenigsegg. This... BB-8 sibling was brought to us by the Raw Design House, the latest label to have come from the Angelholm automaker.

As for the last post below, this aims to stick closer to the Star Wars realm, albeit by linking shenanigans that are two and a half decades apart.

Showcased by none other that Doug Chiang (Lucasfilm VP and Executive Creative Director. Author, Artist, and Production Designer), this sketch features "the Mandalorian riding a beast from Episode 1 - past and present mashup, merging 25 years of Star Wars design!"


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