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Ferrari F40 "Star Destroyer" Rendered, Looks Ready To Join The Dark Side

As of last year, Star Wars fans seeking a connection to the automotive realm can turn to Porsche, thanks to the fiction-in-fiction starship created with the help of the automaker. But what if we were to associate the SW universe with Ferrari's name?
Ferrari F40 "Star Destroyer" Rendered 4 photos
Ferrari F40 "Star Destroyer" renderingFerrari F40 LMFerrari F40 LM
The rendering sitting before us comes to answer the question, with this bringing together two of the most powerful symbols of the said worlds.

And while Darth Vader is sitting in the shadow, keep in mind that we're dealing with a modernized incarnation of the Ferrari F40. For the record, this is the LM racing incarnation of the Prancing Horse, with only 19 examples of the Italian beast having been brought to the world starting from 1989.

As such, the twin-turbo monster's rear lighting signature has also been updated. And who knows? Perhaps those vertical elements are tiny lightsabers.

"Where does this visual exercise come from?" I hear you asking. Such a question would be only natural and the name of the digital artist responsible for the rendering is Marcell Sebestyen, with this being one of his doodles.

As for what the car lover does during "business hours", you should know he's an exterior designer at Kia Motors Europe. And if his name sounds familiar, it's probably because you've seen his rendering mixing the C3 Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Charger Daytona, an eye-catching piece with serious potential to antagonize purists. For the record, it's natural to see designers who work for big names penning outside the box in their spare time.

Oh, and in case you're thinking about the far stretch that is the link between the senior Maranello halo car and The Dark Side, keep in mind that last year's official effort led to a ship that served as additional lore rather than showing up on the screen.


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