Nemo 2 Is a Light All-Electric Submarine With High-Tech Features and a Striking Design

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Photo: U-Boat Worx
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The world's lightest submarine series, Nemo from U-Boat Worx, gets a new addition, the Nemo 2. This submersible is a sophisticated all-electric machine ready to blow your mind by helping you discover the wonders of the underwater world.
The name U-Boat Worx might not ring a bell if you aren't a submersible connoisseur, but this company has specialized in producing submarines. Its products are used for marine exploration, personal research, and even cinematographic purposes. Founded in 2005, U-Boat Worx has supplied different types of submarines to millionaires, researchers, and companies.

One of its vehicles we discussed a while ago here on autoevolution is the Nemo, the lightest manned submarine in the world. Given that its makers are constantly launching new products, I wasn't surprised about the release of the Nemo 2, an improved version of the already successful Nemo.

The Nemo 2 isn't all that different from its predecessor; let's see what it's about. Before we go into detail, I want to mention its base price of about $563,500 (€590,000). Sorry if I'm bursting your bubble, but the submersible niche is quite a high-end one. And to be honest, the price is reasonable given that Nemo 1's original price at launch in 2021 was $931,200 (€975,000), which has now changed to $520,500 (€545,000), making it the most affordable submersible on the market. Moreover, this is the only series-produced vehicle, as the others are made to order.

U\-Boat Worx Nemo 2
Photo: U-Boat Worx
When we think of a submarine, probably the first thing that pops to mind is the military or research ones with the traditional large metal sheets. Well, Nemo is entirely different. It looks like a mix between a supercar and a spaceship, only it's in the water. It has an eye-catching design, with a transparent acrylic bubble that offers a truly immersive experience. It has also won a Red Dot Design award for design excellence and was recognized as "best of the best" in the 'Mobility and Transportation category.

The cabin holds two seats, so you can take a friend aboard if you wish to. The leather chairs are designed to offer as much comfort as possible because the batteries allow you to spend up to 8 hours underwater. It might not look like it, but this bad boy can reach a maximum depth of 100 meters (328 feet). It's pretty tiny, too, measuring 110" (2.8 meters) in length, 92" (2.34 meters) in width, and 61" (1.55 meters) in height. Even though it weighs 5,510 lbs. (2,500 kg), you won't have any problem navigating underwater as it features battery-powered electrical propulsion and can reach speeds of up to 3 knots (3.5 mph or 5.5 kph).

Some might wonder, "Okay, this looks pretty cool but is it truly safe?". Safety is critical for U-Boat Worx; that's why the Nemo is designed to protect you. The glass sphere is 5 centimeters (1.96 inches) thick, and there are several mechanisms, such as its own decompression system, automatic orientation, and others meant to save you in case of an emergency.

U\-Boat Worx Nemo 2
Photo: Gavin Newman
Say you were to buy a Nemo 2. The first thing you'll have to do is take a certified training course provided to all purchasers. This two-week full-time program will teach you how to operate a submersible vehicle.

Let's imagine you've done that, and the Nemo 2 is waiting for you in the water. You get on top of it and enter through the small hatch. You might expect controls to be overwhelming, but it's all straightforward, thanks to the Manta controller. It allows for pinpoint precision maneuvering, and it's really intuitive, almost like playing a video game. There's also a Marlin controller meant for wirelessly navigating the Nemo if you wish to explore from a safe distance.

You'll find all the navigation info on display and many buttons with different functions.

U\-Boat Worx Nemo 2
Photo: U-Boat Worx
The Nemo 2 comes with A/C, a wireless communication system, a floodlight, and two spotlights. Some upgrade packages are available, such as additional lights, a sonar, a subsea tracking and navigation system, and a 4K camera setup. One fantastic option is the manipulator package, a 5-function electric arm that you can use to retrieve small objects from the sea floor. Just be sure your bank account can take the hit, as these upgrades don't come cheap.

All in all, the Nemo 2 can be seen as a millionaire's toy, but it's so much more. It offers countless exploration opportunities. Even though its price tag might sound too much for some, it's affordable compared to other similar products.

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