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Futuristic Boat DeepSeaker Can Both Navigate the Surface and Dive in Submarine Mode
Humankind has always looked for ways to safely explore the underwater world and has come up with various solutions, from simple submersible crafts to elaborate war submarines. A new futuristic boat coming from Italian engineering startup iSpace2O makes it possible to both navigate the water surface in hydrofoil mode and dive in submarine mode.

Futuristic Boat DeepSeaker Can Both Navigate the Surface and Dive in Submarine Mode

iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1iSpace2O's DeepSeaker DS1
iSpace2O has created a futuristic boat, named DeepSeaker DS1, that has no competition to date. The aquatic toy is a hydrofoil-submarine made of composite materials that can navigate on the water surface, but also dive in submarine mode.

Let’s dive in and see what this nautical engineering wonder has to offer!

First off, the DeepSeaker DS1 craft features electric propulsion, meaning that it can navigate, either on the surface or underwater, with zero emissions and utmost respect for the environment.

Secondly, it comes equipped with a new patented oxygen regeneration system that is able to recover oxygen by separating it from the water and then replenishing the rebreathers in the passenger compartment, thus allowing for a longer submersion time.

Normally, the submarines of today can operate underwater for a limited amount of time, but the new DeepSeeker craft is able to remain submerged for an extended time as it produces air directly from sea water, as explained above.

Initially, the jet was thought-out as an accessory for superyachts, but the brilliant minds behind it saw its great market potential so they decided to turn it into a standalone nautical tool.

But although the DeepSeaker can operate completely independently, thanks to its compact size and weight, it can be easily transported on a boat trailer or housed in a yacht’s garage. For those who want the exact numbers, know that it will have a gross weight of about 7716 pounds (3500 kg) and a length of 16.5 feet (5 meters). 

Its design gracefully combines automotive and aerial elements. The cockpit of this aquatic toy can accommodate up to 4 people (1 pilot and 3 passengers) and features a large canopy that offers passengers a wide view.

DeepSeaker DS1 can speed on the water surface in hydrofoil mode at +23 knots and dive below to 40/50 meters depth, made possible by an inflatable ballast tank placed under the cockpit.

iSpace2o’s contraption will also be equipped with cutting-edge technology inside, such as a digital dashboard with AR technology, on board Go-Pro cameras, iPad connectors, and hydro-phones for sea mammal listening.

To ensure complete safety for passengers, the submarine’s internal cockpit is made of carbon and is encapsulated in a steel rib cage covered with a thermoplastic body. This protected interior, along with perimeter airbags, will keep passengers out of harm’s way in the event of a collision.

iSpace2o has recently announced the official start of production for the new jet, which benefited from substantial funding from Invitalia, a national agency for investment promotion and enterprise development in Italy. The endeavor was also made possible thanks to an industrial collaboration with William Gobbo’s Sealence, from which the DeepSeaker will get electric powertrain.

“The technology is now mature and this kind of boat is becoming increasingly popular around the planet. Thanks also to its industrial partners, iSpace2o has the ability to position itself at the apex of this market thanks to a very high level of technology and a unique design, elements that are not always found in the products of its competitors,” said Giuseppe Carusi, CEO of iSpace2o.

As for the design of the craft, this is signed by the Giancarlo Zema Design Group studio, while Formula 1 H2O team Blaze Performance will take care of the construction and fine-tuning of the boat.

All of its innovative characteristics make the DeepSeaker DS1 perfect for spectacular immersive experiences during underwater sightseeing trips to the plethora of archaeological sanctuaries scattered all over the world’s oceans and seas.

Actually, one of the largest international shipping groups has already commissioned the first ten DeepSeaker units to provide exciting underwater experiences to passengers on their cruise ships.

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