Mind-Blowing Koenigsegg Jesko Sports 24-Carat Gold Details, It Belongs in a Safe

Koenigsegg Jesko Attack Odin 9 photos
Photo: F1rst Motors
Koenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack OdinKoenigsegg Jesko Attack Odin
You are looking at the Koenigsegg Jesko Attack Odin, a one-off  hypercar that is absolutely insane. There is so much carbon fiber on this Koenigsegg that you don't know where to begin. And everything that you see shining on it is real gold. Yes, that's right! Real 24-carat gold.
The model set wheels in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where it was sold by a luxury car dealership as an insane one-off, a hardtop roadster that was specifically designed for the land of the rich. The name of the customer has not been disclosed.

The model must have been dipped in carbon and gold and came out looking like jewelry that belongs in a safety box that would keep it away from those who would dare think of stealing those gold details.

Back in winter, when it unveiled the gold-plated Jesko, the Swedish firm said that it was versatile enough to grace a gala dinner or dominate the track with record-breaking laps. Novitec filmed the Jesko in Dubai and labeled it as the kind of car that you would stare at until your eyelids hurt. We've just started, they don't hurt just yet.

Dijon De Kock from Novitec says that the price tag is "not that crazy:" nearly 5 million euros. We probably have different references when it comes to "crazy." The entry-level version, if there is anything entry-level about the Jesko, starts at $3 million but skyrockets once you start adding options. There are reasons why this is a $5-million affair.

The whole vehicle is made from carbon fiber, except for the glass and the rubber. And except for the gold, of course. It is covered in 24-carat gold dust and comes with a gazillion gold-plated details everywhere.

Koenigsegg Jesko Attack Odin
Photo: F1rst Motors
The Jesko Attack Odin that we are looking at is one of the 125 examples that Koenigsegg has built, with a production run of 40 to 50 examples.

The model is powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. On normal fuel, the V8 pumps out 1,280 horsepower (1,298 metric horsepower) and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton meters) of torque, redlining at 8,500 rpm.

But on E85 biofuel, it does 1,600 horsepower (1,622 metric horsepower) and 1,106 pound-feet (1,500 Newton meters) of torque. A nine-speed automatic gearbox sends them all straight to the rear axle.

The Jesko broke the 300 mph (483 kph) speed record, but the Swedish carmaker never bothered to say by how much. They just informed us, mortals, about it. As for the 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 kph) run, that takes 2.5 seconds.

The front canards, the wing mirror arms, the company’s logo on the hood, the aero flics showing up in the side skirts and on the endplates of the rear wing are all covered in gold.

The Jesko rides on carbon fiber wheels (did you expect something different) with gold-plated central hubs. When the hood, tailgate, and windows spring open, the car looks as if it just escaped the Transformer series.

The interior continues the carbon fiber and black gold theme of the exterior, adding plenty of black Alcantara on the dashboard, seats, and headliner and gold stitching.

The model full of gold-plated details must be inspired by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which was originally commissioned by real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin. His Agera had a similar specification: carbon fiber and gold. The businessman said he had paid $2.2 million for the car, but he sold it for almost double the price just five months after having it delivered.

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