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Meet the Latest Mini Electric Restomod from Aznom Automotive

Italian coachbuilder Aznom Automotive has presented to the world an electric Mini restomod it dubbed Mini E-Classic that will come with a 14-kwh battery pack, capable of providing up to 87 miles (140 km) of range.
Aznom Mini E-Classic 7 photos
Aznom Mini E-ClassicAznom Mini E-ClassicAznom Mini E-ClassicAznom Mini E-ClassicAznom Mini E-ClassicAznom Mini E-Classic
That’s not too great, really, if we compare it to the modern Mini Cooper SE, which gets no less than 110 miles (177 km) of range from its 32.6-kwh pack. You might have come with higher hopes on this page, but don’t get discouraged just yet. Read on to see what else the Mini restomod has to offer.

For starters, this restomod represents a link between the past of the Mini Cooper and the greener, more sustainable cars of the modern era.

The Mini E-Classic is based on the iconic Mini Mk5, which was fully converted into an electric vehicle with aid from the Retrofit 45 KW system and the ILifePo 14 KWH – DM219 batteries.

The E-Classic’s range, as mentioned, is 87 miles (140 km), and while it’s lower than other models we’ve seen, we consider it enough for urban drivers who only take their Mini on short trips.

It features three different driving modes - Eco, Normal, and Sport - and comes in the “Tiffany” Turquoise livery. Meanwhile, the inside boasts digital instrumentation and both Alcantara leather and fabric upholstery.

A second version, named “Cote d’Azur,” is being planned and it will come with a “British open” roof and a more fashionable aesthetic.

According to Aznom, the electric conversion is compatible with all Mini models from 1982 onwards, but the company says it will be adapted for other vintage cars and classic cas in the future.

Aznom unveiled the electric Mini restomod at the 2022 Top Marques Monaco show, which took place this past weekend. The coachbuilder said the first customer example would be delivered this summer, while "full production" is set to start in September.

You might remember some previous endeavors by Italian vehicle customizer Aznom, such as the bespoke Palladium luxury sedan based on the Ram 1500, which didn’t quite impress us.


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