Meet the 2025 Fisker Ronin – A Four-Door, Five-Seater, All-Electric, Convertible Super GT

Fisker unveiled the much-hyped Ronin sedan at its Product Day 2023 event. The rumors were not even remotely close because the young EV maker is making this convertible grand tourer its tip of the spear. This long-journey EV will feature the best and the latest materials, building techniques, hardware, and software. That's what's being promised. Here's what you need to know.
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Photo: Fisker
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Henrik Fisker has long dreamed of giving the world a sustainable and powerful sedan that can do it all gracefully without compromising in other departments. The Ronin will most likely go on your to-buy list if you're not a crossover enjoyer or a frugal car buyer. This EV might be what will bury the Tesla Roadster.

The vehicle you can admire in the photo gallery is just a prototype for now, but… Just look at it! Swooping lines, large wheels, sculpted surfaces, tiny door mirrors, bulging fender flares, an extended hood, and a rear-side view reveal a high-performance vehicle. It's all there! That's a stunner!

The shape might remind some of us about the Mazda RX-8, but that's not the case here. Henrik Fisker was once BMW's designer. While working for the Bavarians, he designed the Z8. The roadster got featured in one of the James Bond movies. It's his signature move that we're admiring here, not an evolved copy of a Japanese vehicle.

It's essential, however, to remain level-headed. This magnificent-looking EV is coming in late 2025, which might turn it into a 2026 model-year unit. Besides that, a couple of more things might change in two and a half years. The production-ready version of the Ronin could look different. So, don't dwell on these images.

But it's worth remaining excited because the all-electric long-journey super GT will boast a range of 605 miles (974 km) provided by an integrated battery pack and three efficient motors. Fisker is planning to make the energy storage unit's cells a part of the structure of the vehicle's body. It's moving away from conventional solutions implemented by other automakers.

Fisker Ronin
Photo: Fisker
The tri-motor layout will enable the Ronin to have all-wheel drive and develop over 1,000 hp, which means it can go from zero to 60 mph in 2 seconds. But take all of this with a grain of salt because we don't have any proof. That is just the founder telling us what's going to be possible.

The executive also admitted that the vehicle's aerodynamics are still in development. That two-second zero-to-60 statement may have been a tad bit exaggerated. But there's a lot of potential within this brand. The Ocean SUV is being delivered to customers and initial feedback looks encouraging.

The Fisker Ronin will have butterfly doors and a removable carbon fiber hardtop. Given the shape of the EV, enjoying an open-top drive may require the manual removal of the roof. But given the timeframe until the start of production, Fisker could work something out.

The young EV maker also said important care had been directed toward making a great sound system. The whole point of the Ronin is to excite visually, run like the wind, and satisfy any of the owner's mobility needs.

The Ronin started life as the vehicle that would reinvent the supercar and debut "a new type of luxury with no chrome or wood." It remains to be seen if that will be feasible until 2026.

Lastly, Henrik Fisker was inspired by an action movie to make an all-electric supercar. This convertible super GT is his vision, and it will be manufactured in the US. Fingers crossed, it works out!

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