McLaren F1 Shooting Brake Looks Like a Hearse, Has Large Posterior

"Why on Earth would anybody give the McLaren F1 the Shooting Brake treatment?" I hear you asking. First of all, allow me to point out this is but a rendering, so no F1s were hurt in the making of this image.
McLaren F1 Shooting Brake 1 photo
Secondly, you should know there's more than one reason that could justify such a move.

For one thing, the world wide web is boiling with renderings that portray automotive icons like the Woking beast we have here in all sorts of unorthodox scenarios.

Heck, this isn't even the first time when we get to check out a McLaren F1 S/B - Yasid Oozeear, the digital artist behind this work, is at his second job of the kind, with the first, which packed a cleaner look, having laded back in April.

Then there's the fact the McLaren has recently strengthened its presence in the Grand Tourer segment. I'm obviously refering to the new McLaren GT, which promises to redefine the quick-hauling arena (you can read more about the newcomer here).

Of course, the Shooting Brake version of the F1 (call it a Wagon, if you must) wouldn't make much sense even without the messing-with-an-icon implications.

And that's because the mid-engined layout of the Brit means you would only get some extra luggage space (just by a GT if you want that, as it can swallow up to 570 liters of your stuff). And while the standard F1, If I might use such a term, certainly doesn't pack enough hauling space for three humans, the change just wouldn't be worth it.

There's no reason to be mad at this render though. It simply serves the purpose of entertaining the artist that created it, as well as those who accept this. Besides, there are more extreme projects out there in the real world for purists to fret about.

P.S.: What about that hearse from the headline? Well, you could certainly fit an urn loaded with ashes in the back of this shooting brake.


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