McLaren F1 "Lowrider" Is No Garage Queen

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McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)McLaren F1 "Lowrider" (rendering)
No, there's absolutely no mistake here - you're looking at a McLaren F1 that has been given part of the treatment you'd normally find on lowriders. So, why would anybody play with this icon in such fashion, even as a rendering?
To start with, this is the kind of Macca modding you'll never see in the real world. You see, digital artist Abimelec Arellano, who is behind the stunt, likes to collect cars, albeit in a form that involves pixels. As such, he has come up with an oddball lowrider series, which has seen this F1 being preceded by (ready for them?) a C2 Corvette, a Ferrari 250 GTO and a Ford GT40 – while we’ve already discussed the Chevy, you'll find the other shenanigans in the Instagram posts below the one showcasing this British missile.

And, as the artist aptly mentions in the description of the said F1 post, the collector car value means most of these machine spend their time locked away in garages (here's to hoping F1 designer Gordon Murray's new creation, the GMA T.50 doesn't suffer the same fate). So, why not use this rendering to raise awareness on the matter?

With that out of the way, we can zoom in on this otherworldly creation. And the visual story obviously kicks off with the wire wheels, whose golden appearance is an attention magnet to say the least. Come to think of it, this finish matches the gold foil fitted inside the engine compartment, which is there to keep the extreme heat delivered by the BMW-sourced 6,064 cc V12 from affecting the carbon fiber.

And, just in case anybody misses the unusual setup, the hefty offset of the wheels is ready to change this.

Even in the world of renderings, the iconic status of the McLaren F1 commands respect. So, instead of going full lowrider on this one, the said artist decided to stick to placing "airbrushed" flowers on top of the engine cover and giving the air scoop a subtle pinstripe (it took us a while to notice this).

The cabin of the F1 has also received attention, with this now sporting a white quilted leather finish, along with some wood trim. Don't worry, though, all three seats are still in place.

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Like you’ve seen in my previous “sacrilegious” Low Rider pieces, it is a lot of fun to take a car where its never been before, ever, style-wise. To properly follow up on the Low Rider Stingray, 250 GTO and GT40 I chose a car that sadly is more at home in an air conditioned glass box rather than a street, but yet its one of the purest super cars ever. The one and only McLaren F1. The Low Rider treatment is a bit difficult in 1990s cars, outside of GM G Bodies or Lincolns, so for this one I went with a slight different twist, which you can notice right away in the big wheels and the very aggressive offset. This is to keep the car’s proportions relatively intact. The white interior with quilted leather and a touch of wood contrasts with the deep black on the outside, and you can probably catch the glare of these wheels a mile away. This car is meant to be looked at all the time, just imagine it cruising down Hollywood Blvd! The engine cover sports subtly airbrushed flowers and the hood scoop wears a discrete pinstripe to tie it all up. No more thrashing around Silverstone in this McLaren, it’s all about the show now . . . . . . . . #mclaren #f1 #mclarenf1 #custom #lowrider #low #slow #black #gold #24kgold #hydraulics #daytons #wirewheels #losangeles #socal #california #love #airbrush #white #leather #v12 #bmw #3d #render

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If you didn’t like my ‘63 Corvette Split-Window Low Rider, I think you should look away now @ . . Glitter candy paint, thin white walls, chain steering wheel and chrome galore. Not the stuff you think about when someone says GT40, or should I say, GT37? Because I did the math and scales and this digital GT40 now stands only 37” from the ground. Imagine all the sparks flying on the freeway ¡. I had this in store for a while, the custom touches are pretty “normal” Low Rider stuff, the rear bumper is a flipped and skewed ‘69 Camaro rear bumper, and the interior is all stock, save for the aforementioned chain steering wheel and white leather. What do you think? . . . . . . . . #ford #gt40 #lemans #gt #racecar #nomore #lowrider #socal #losangeles #blue #glitter #custom #slow #cragars #hotrod #america #v8 #427 #3d #render

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