Manny Khoshbin Celebrates His Birthday With a Couple of Launches in His Bugatti Chiron

Manny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti Chiron 9 photos
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Manny Khoshbin
Manny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti ChironManny Khoshbin Hermes Bugatti Chiron
Supercar collector and real-estate mogul Manny Khoshbin’s garage has the best of the best when it comes to the world of exotic supercars. The fastest and most cherished is his Hermes Bugatti Chiron. Heck, he’s even featured Supercar Blondie in it. In a recent YouTube upload, he tests the Launch Control setting for the first time since he got the supercar.
Manny Khoshbin doesn’t own one or two supercars. He owns a fleet of these expensive babies. To get to his beloved Chiron, he has to drive out a couple of supercars, and this time around, we got to see the Ford GT Heritage Edition back up for the Chiron.

The Bugatti Chiron only has 102 miles on it after two years. With that many cars in your garage, you’d never push any serious miles.

Khoshbin admits his Hermes Edition Chiron is unlike anything else he’s driven (he says this a lot about his other cars too). He says it’s not just the sheer force and power behind the Bugatti, but how much control and traction you get behind the wheel.

After a couple of pulls, Nate Miranda, Khoshbin’s videographer, says the disparity between Ford GT Heritage Edition’s performance is like night and day.

The sheer force, acceleration, and braking is supposed to scare the pants out of you, but it doesn’t because this car is built so amazingly to handle the force, acceleration, and deceleration,” he confessed.

Finally, after warming the Chiron for some time, they are ready to launch it - but they are low on fuel. He launches it anyway, and it bolts off the mark phenomenally. He does a couple of pulls on the road but has to stop after the fuel light goes on.

On his way back to the garage, a driver pulls up besides him with an obnoxiously loud exhaust. Khoshbin points out that it’s a German car, Nate doesn’t pan the camera, but it sounds like a heavily modded BMW from the pops and bangs.

At the end of the video, he tells his fans it’s his birthday, January 14, but the video is a little bit late. As it turns out, the best way a successful billionaire celebrates his birthday is with a couple of launches in his favorite car. Fantastic!

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