Luxury 31-foot Tiny Flaunts a Unique Kitchen and a Dreamy Ground-Level Bedroom

The Maple 9500 reveals a beautiful kitchen island and a lavish master bedroom 20 photos
Photo: Alphaline Group
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Is it really possible to enjoy the comfort of a mansion even in a much more compact package? One of the latest creations from the popular Australian brand Alphaline reveals one of the most stunning contemporary interiors you could think of and even comes with a major perk.
The Maple 9500 tiny house is one of the freshest offerings at Alphaline Group, an Aussie tiny house builder. The company is a subsidiary of Alphaline Homes, which has been successfully running as a family-owned custom home builder for decades now.

This guarantees the quality and durability of each tiny home that's designed and built from scratch at the company's facility in Brendale, Queensland. Just to give you an idea of how impressive this facility is in the world of tiny home construction, know that it includes a Color and Design studio where several qualified interior designers are ready to guide future homeowners through the multiple paint, furnishing, and material options.

With Alphaline, even the experience of customizing one's future tiny house feels luxurious. Plus, it's truly a joy to select all the finishing touches and personal accents for a gorgeous home like the new Maple 9500 – there's plenty of room to work with and a contemporary layout that would satisfy even the most pretentious customers.

Maple 9500
Photo: Alphaline Group
Maple's first and foremost quality is the extensive size, which allows the single-level layout to shine – you could hardly ask for more than a dazzling central kitchen, a huge indoor/outdoor relaxation area, and a fully private master bedroom with all the features of a luxury room, including an en-suite bathroom.

It's similar to one of the brand's previous models, the Retreat, but instead of a lavish exterior deck, the Maple features an even more spacious interior. The generous size was used to add floor space to each living area, with the main difference being an awesome central kitchen with a kitchen island.

At 9.5 meters (31 feet), the new Maple tiny is one of the largest single-level tiny homes, and it's also wide enough (3 meters/9.8 feet) for voluminous living spaces and a sense of airiness throughout. As a typical Aussie design, it boasts huge windows and two sets of glass doors that seem to merge the indoors with the outdoors. Having two sets of doors also means private access to the master bedroom, which makes it even more luxurious.

Maple 9500
Photo: Alphaline Group
The spacious, modern kitchen is Maple's heart in every way. It's the most eye-catching feature and the most unique because we do not very often see tiny homes with a separate kitchen island. It instantly makes the tiny look modern and chic compared to the more rustic versions out there.

One section of the kitchen features all the appliances, including a two-burner gas cooktop and a full-size fridge, plus classic cabinetry for storage. The island reminds us of a traditional family kitchen, and it features an oversized countertop that doubles as a breakfast bar with matching bar stools. Plus, having a separate island means doubling the storage capability, which is always nice to have.

The kitchen's placement is also ingenious. It gets abundant light from all sides, and it connects directly to the outside through sliding glass doors. It's flanked by the enclosed bedroom on one side and the lounge on the other side. This translates to more privacy for both the bedroom and the kitchen area, which is a rare treat when it comes to tiny living. On the other hand, this privacy is balanced out by the openness of the lounge/kitchen area.

Maple 9500
Photo: Alphaline Group
This beautiful space with lots of room and huge panoramic windows becomes a modern indoor/outdoor sanctuary. It invites home dwellers to feel immersed in nature without stepping outside. It's the perfect spot to take in the views, relax, socialize, and even entertain guests. With glass sliding doors that easily blur the line between the inside and the outside, that generous kitchen, and the island that doubles as a bar area, this entire section is great for housing summer BBQs.

Maple's master bedroom is equally impressive. It's fully enclosed and fitted with an en-suite bathroom and a separate entry – all of this literally turns into a self-sufficient cocoon inside the home. There's enough space for a cozy bed and a large wardrobe. Another elegant door connects it to the walk-through bathroom with an elegant, big vanity, a full-size shower cabin, and room for a full-size washing machine.

The new Maple is as stunning and sophisticated style-wise as most of the larger Alphaline models, but it comes with an added bonus. As part of the brand's new THybrid range, it guarantees the quality standards of a traditional home.

Maple 9500
Photo: Alphaline Group
The models in this new range are certified to meet the regulations for conventional homes, which is great not only for the owners' peace of mind but also for increasing their market value. A tiny home like this isn't only about a luxurious living experience but about passing the test of time and becoming an investment rather than a simple option for downsizing.

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