This 42-foot Cabin on Wheels Dazzles With a Huge Porch and Roomy Interior

The name says it all – Grizzly was born to combine maximum spaciousness with a sturdy, reliable structure that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The Grizzly tiny (which doesn't feel tiny at all) stays true to the original purpose of tiny homes designed to be a comfy, homely alternative to RVs and campers.
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Photo: Great Lakes Tiny Homes
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The idea of a cabin on wheels usually brings to mind the idyllic image of a really small and discrete dwelling that's hidden in the woods or near a lake. The Grizzly tiny certainly keeps the appearance of a traditional cabin – it boasts abundant woodwork and a classic natural wood interior without Scandinavian or other contemporary influences in terms of aesthetics. Still, this is no regular cabin in terms of size, and it even comes with an unusually large covered porch that would be the envy of any type of house on wheels.

This mammoth tiny home is big on everything and designed for those who want to enjoy the outdoors with their entire family or group of friends. It's the biggest and most voluminous park model designed by Great Lakes Tiny Homes, a family-run tiny house building company that draws its inspiration from the great Midwest outdoors. The Grizzly boasts more than 42.5 feet in length (almost 13 meters), which is twice as much as standard tiny homes, coupled with a generous width of more than 11 feet (3.4 meters).

As a result, this spacious dwelling can offer both a large loft and a main-floor master bedroom, in addition to a big living room area. All in all, the Grizzly can easily accommodate up to six people, which is why it's so great for family weekend getaways. It's also fully equipped to become the full-time home of a large family looking to downsize and enjoy the benefits of mobility without sacrificing the comfort of a classic home.

The Grizzly
Photo: Great Lakes Tiny Homes
Grizzly's porch is what screams "classic." Standard tiny homes can have exterior decks of various sizes added to them after they're delivered on location, but built-in, covered porches are rare, and ones that are so generous in size are even more unique. It just doesn't get better than a spacious, traditional-style porch where everyone can enjoy their morning coffee or watch the sunset. Tiny living has a lot to do with connecting to the outdoors and turning nature into a part of everyday life. With a home like the Grizzly tiny, that's so much easier to do.

The best part is that this cabin on wheels isn't a tiny place with a huge porch. Its roomy interior is just as generous. The main floor room, designed as a master bedroom, enjoys full privacy. It's separate from the rest of the house and big enough to include a practical bed with hidden storage. A full-size closet provides additional storage. It's a rustic bedroom, so don't expect anything too fancy. Still, easy access and privacy are enough to be considered "luxury" when it comes to tiny living.

The loft bedroom also benefits from an open-work handrail stretching from side to side for safety, comfort, and privacy. Large windows on each side add luminosity and fresh air. It's accessed via a simple staircase that almost seems hidden because of its discrete placement. That extra space between the bedroom and the kitchen was also used to integrate a washer/dryer hookup. The bathroom comes with a shower stall, a toilet, and a large sink. What stands out is the generous storage in the form of several cabinets and an overhead medicine cabinet in the corner. There's also a large window for proper ventilation. The pine woodwork adds a nice rustic touch to this simple but well-equipped bathroom.

The Grizzly
Photo: Great Lakes Tiny Homes
The kitchen is also packed with appliances, including a microwave with its own overhead compartment, and it boasts a huge sink. As you can imagine, storage is also not an issue with such a generous kitchen area.

On the other hand, there's no dedicated dining area or a snack bar. Still, the lounge section is roomy enough to accommodate a more versatile setup. The Grizzly is a great home when it comes to spending time with loved ones and entertaining guests, something that much more compact versions often lack.

Combining a roomy two-bedroom interior with a large porch seems to be a winning formula. It takes Grizzly from a simple house on wheels to a homely outdoor haven, but everything comes at a cost. The Grizzly tiny comes with an $85,400 price tag for the basic version. If affordability is the primary concern, the Great Lakes Tiny Homes range includes plenty of other options.

The Grizzly
Photo: Great Lakes Tiny Homes
Those who feel that a true home needs a porch (among other things) will prefer Grizzly, even if it comes at a higher price. Last but not least, the volume and traditional configuration of this house-on-wheels make it particularly suitable for vacation rental options. Tiny house tourism is booming, and more people are looking for cozy retreats that offer the comfort of a home away from home in the middle of nature.
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