Kylie Jenner Is Labeled a “Climate Criminal” for Taking a 17-Minute Private Jet Trip

Celebrities; they're not like us, no matter how badly they'd like us to believe it. Because where we'd be stuck in bad traffic for much longer than the actual trip, celebrities can always hop on and off their private jets and then get on social media to lecture about the need for saving our planet.
Kylie Jenner uses her private Bombardier Global 7500 jet a lot, including for 17-minutes trip that can be made by car 16 photos
Photo: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
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Just look at Kylie Jenner. The reality star and self-styled makeup mogul, who is worth an estimated $700 million, is often criticized for using her private jet for daily errands, such as picking up her sister Kendall for dinner or taking her daughter to a theme park. Right now, she’s being called out on social media – and labeled a “climate criminal” – because she used her jet for a trip she could have easily made by car.

Over the weekend, Kylie took to her Instagram to let us all know just how poor we were by flaunting his-and-hers private jets with boyfriend Travis Scott. Just as she was being criticized for being out of touch and classless, word got out that she’d recently used her jet, Kylie Air, for a 17-minute trip from Camarillo to Van Nuys, California. That same trip could have been done by car in 45 minutes in optimal traffic conditions. Hilariously, for the return flight, she had to take a 30-minute drive by car in the opposite direction just to get to the airport.

Twitter account CelebJets, run by the same student who made headlines a while back for tracking Elon Musk’s private jet very much against Musk’s explicit wish, initially estimated that the flight would take only 3 minutes. Even at 17 minutes, it’s not much of a time-saver if you weigh in the amount of CO2 emissions put out, people are saying on Twitter right now.

The fact that Jenner is often trying to raise awareness on social media on issues of climate change only stokes the fire. Here we are, being told to and actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint in whichever way possible, while celebrities get to preach and still keep on doing what they do. In Jenner's case, that means frequent trips by private jet or gas-guzzling SUVs. Why should we not use plastic straws or eat as much meat as we want if celebrities get to use a ginormous private jet for a trip they could have made by car, commenters are rhetorically asking.

And Jenner’s jet is big, even if she took the trip with an entourage. Kylie Air is a Bombardier Global 7500, the largest and longest-range business jet available, offered with a series of layouts that can seat up to 19 people. It’s fully customized, too, costing Jenner a reported $72.8 million in 2020.

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Editor's note: Photos in the gallery show inside Kylie Air, Kylie Jenner's private Bombardier Global 7500 jet.

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