Jeffrey Dean Morgan Got High and Bought Himself a Tesla, Forgot About It

Jeffrey Dean Morgan configured a Tesla Model S while high on CBD Gummies, forgot about it by morning 91 photos
Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel
Whenever they hit the promo trail, it’s somewhat standard practice for celebrities to have a series of anecdotes ready. Car stories occasionally pop up, but they’re hardly ever as interesting or funny as Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s.
"The Walking Dead" is drawing to an end and, to promote the series finale, Jeffrey Dean Morgan went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about the production, shooting with health restrictions in place, coming down with the flu, and the possibility of his character getting an AMC spinoff. The part about the flu is what is of interest here.

Morgan told Kimmel that he came down with the flu earlier during production, which was strange because he had already had the flu shot, and inconvenient because he also has a young kid at home who didn’t understand what a night shift was. Desperate for a night of decent sleep, the actor took a couple of CBD Gummies that a friend had sent over. CBD Gummies are edibles that contain various concentrations of cannabidiol oil and are believed to help with anything from physical pain to anxiety and depression.

So Morgan “popped a couple” of them. The next morning, he woke up feeling refreshed and thankful he had rested so well. One hour later, he started receiving texts and calls congratulating him on his “new Tesla purchase.” His first thought was that this was some kind of mistake.

It wasn’t.

“It turns out that I went online and I built a Tesla S online, stacked it very every option, put a down payment on it and didn’t remember a thing. None of it,” Morgan recalls, laughing.

He got in contact with Tesla, first by email and then by phone, to say he didn’t want the car because he never had any intention of buying one. As you may have heard, Tesla has a policy of keeping the deposit if you back out of an order, which Morgan also found out on the occasion.

“The car’s $137,000 or you lose a couple of hundred dollars for building it. Once you go into build mode they keep money. That’s a big difference in price so enjoy your couple hundred dollars. I can’t eat CBD gummies anymore,” he says.

Another funny part about his unexpected and unwanted experience with Tesla was telling the wife that he had bought a car, while high when he should have been sleeping.

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