It Won’t Be Long Until Augmented Reality Vehicles Like the Xpshere Will Be Available

A few decades ago, the gaming industry all but existed. Today, companies of all kinds invest in some sort of gaming product or another. But one sector in particular, virtual or augmented reality gaming, has grown to offer one of the most immersive experiences outside of the real thing.
Xsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle Concept 10 photos
Photo: Bijoy Binu John
Xsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle ConceptXsphere - Gaming Motor Vehicle Concept
One designer, by the name of Bijoy Binu John from Turin, Italy, has recently shared a conceptual design for a vehicle that’s meant to do so much more than just carry you around town, the Xsphere. With a Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering and Master’s in Transportation Design, the concept you’re about to witness may just be the sort of vehicle you see on the next Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Why? Well, because it’s darn simple and the only thing stopping this machine from becoming a real thing is just a matter of funding and a few design kinks. The designer even went as far as to strap the words Harley-Davidson along the side of the Xsphere. Sadly, it may be some time before the real Harley-Davidson team creates something like this and has nothing to do with this design.

To make things as simple and as clear as possible, it’s worth noting that the Xsphere is an electric motorcycle that not only allows you to ride around town, but while doing so, the rider can also activate augmented reality experiences aimed at building the rider’s skill level. Pretty neat I would say.

Xsphere \- Gaming Motor Vehicle Concept
Photo: Bijoy Binu John
Now the bike, or rather trike, as it has three wheels, isn’t meant to always offer an augmented reality ride, and thus can just be enjoyed on a Sunday morning cruise or to commute to work. However, the three-wheeled design is bound to pay off when you’re paying attention to objects or objectives in your augmented reality visor.

The designer doesn’t mention any information as to what sort of range this vehicle will achieve, but he does mention that the battery is hidden in that thick frame right between the rider’s legs, and below that, a mid-mounted, chain-driven motor turns a rear wheel that seems to be composed of two separate halves.

For a rear suspension, a classic swing-arm design with a beefy spring, pushes against the frame and attenuates any bumps you’ll hit. As for a front suspension, nothing is mentioned. Two disc brakes on the front and one on the rear look like they’re setup properly for riding.

Now, when a rider decides to engage augmented reality riding, the trike performs a bit of acrobatics and the front of the ride drops to bring the rider lower to the ground. In such a position, the rider should have a higher degree of control as there’s a lower center of gravity, but also adds to the riding experience.

Xsphere \- Gaming Motor Vehicle Concept
Photo: Bijoy Binu John
One feature that this mode also includes is that of raising the rider’s experience. When a rider first begins riding his or her freshly acquired Xsphere, the trike will offer riding experiences that are tuned to the rider’s current level. As time goes on, and the rider’s experience grows, the Xsphere unlocks more and more augmented reality possibilities, again, all tuned to help a rider grow in their ability to control a vehicle such as this.

Sure, it’s not a perfect design or anything like that, and surely not one you’ll see anytime soon, but the fact of the matter is that virtual reality is now beginning to impact so much more than just a simple gaming world.

Honestly, augmented reality riding or even driving, is the sort of tech that people can really benefit from. Think about getting your driver’s license, whatever class, and you’re training has been one that used this sort of tech. You'd know how much to tilt a cycle, at what speed to take a turn, even how to work you brakes like a world-renowned drifting champion. Go technology!
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