Hypothetical Alfa Romeo '33 Stradale' Design Harks Back to Original, Looks Juicy

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale rendering by capriotti_cardesign 9 photos
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Much has been said about Alfa Romeo's expansion strategy. Still, aside from redesigned Giulia sedans and Stelvio premium crossover SUVs, little has been done until the arrival of the Tonale compact CUV.
The model not only opened a new design chapter for the brand (plus made way for an American sibling – Dodge's Hornet) but also paved the first line of bricks on the road toward electrification. The Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV has a lovely powertrain, but it will certainly not honor the company's sporty ethos anytime soon.

Sure, the rumor mill is full of whispers – including from the company's corner office head honchos – about the upcoming travel to a whole EV lifestyle, and we even heard about a 1,000-hp next-gen Alfa Giulia EV sedan that would be ripe for duking it out with the Tesla Model S Plaid. But, again, that's not a genuine sports car.

Luckily, the Italian automaker has been teasing us for months about the 'impending' reveal of something cool that will be inspired by its history but still look toward the future. That would be their first proper sports car in more than a decade and a half, with the rumor mill putting the pedal to the metal as of late because the company finally intensified its teaser campaign.

So far, all the information is cryptic. We know little about the design or even its name – whispers range from '6C' to keep up with the idea that it will slot between the departed 4C and 8C Competizione and up to '33' or even '333' as a nod to the 33 Stradale mid-engine sports car from the late 1960s. One thing is for sure, though – it will be based on the cool Maserati MC20.

However, no one knows if the new model will use the Trident's twin-turbo 3.0-liter Nettuno V6 engine or keep the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 from the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio variants, albeit with much more oomph. We also do not know if it will be sold in 33 or 333 examples to mirror its top speed of 206 mph (333 kph). So, what do we really know about it?

Not much – aside from the fact that all mysteries will be unraveled on August 30. If you're a bit more impatient, cue the imaginative realm of digital car content creators to alleviate the pain of waiting. Not long ago, the good folks over at cardesignworld showed us the work of artist Juan Carlos Trejo where his imagined 'Type 33' was definitely looking ripe for the track and for a quick Ferrari hunt.

Now, though, let us check out the tamer flip side of the coin presented in CGI by Alessandro Capriotti, the virtual artist better known as capriotti_cardesign on social media, wants to gift Stellantis a proper Alfa sports car – inspired by the original 33 Stradale but also ready to glimpse at the future. So, what do you think about this digital project?

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images from Alfa Romeo and of Maserati MC20.

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