Hummer H1 Does Tug of War With G 63, Jimny and Mitsubishi Truck

The tug of war - it's like a drag race for people who don't want to go fast, are afraid of death wobble or don't trust their brakes. The rules are completely different, and so is the crowd that follows them. However, we think anybody can enjoy a Hummer pulling against a bunch of other vehicles.
Hummer H1 Does Tug of War With G63, Jimny and Mitsubishi Truck 3 photos
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Hummer H1 Does Tug of War With G63, Jimny and Mitsubishi TruckHummer H1 Does Tug of War With G63, Jimny and Mitsubishi Truck
In previous tug-of-war videos, Carwow showed how amazing the G 63 is at this slow form of motorsport. The mighty AMG went up against three little Suzukis pulling together and also showed the premium SUV crowd who's in charge.

For a normal vehicle, it's as close to pulling perfection as you can come. The numerous mechanical differentials and clever traction management ensure the G 63 doesn't slip up on the job. Jeeps have good traction too, but the best of the G-Class family also boasts a kingly 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine.

However, it may have met its match today because its rival is a Hummer H1. The first-generation off-roader is fit for military duty. It's as heavy as a bus and about as wide too. We've seen Hummers pulling themselves up a wall, so the civilian Mercedes SUV shouldn't be any problem.

If you just look at the engines, the Merc seems like it's favored, as the 6.5-liter diesel engine in the Hummer makes almost a third of the power. But weight and traction play a bigger part in this weird physics equation, so the American wins. Truck yeah!

Realizing he's been beaten, Mat Watson calls for help and is joined by the plucky Suzuki Jimny. Its 100 horsepower 1.5-liter doesn't make much of a difference, though.

One more helper should do it, and it arrives in the shape of a Mitsubishi L200. It comes with a 2.3-liter diesel engine and definitely looks like it's good at pulling stuff. Is 3-on-1 enough? Watch the video and find out.

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