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GMC Hummer EV Takes Its Talents to Moab, Utah in Off-Roading Prowess Display

Ahead of its production debut this fall, the eagerly anticipated GMC Hummer EV is still rigorously tested in harsh off-road environments such as the challenging trails near Moab, Utah, known for their popularity among off-roading enthusiasts.
GMC Hummer EV goes to Moab for off-road testing 7 photos
GMC Hummer EV goes to Moab for off-road testingGMC Hummer EV goes to Moab for off-road testingGMC Hummer EV goes to Moab for off-road testingGMC Hummer EV goes to Moab for off-road testingGMC Hummer EV goes to Moab for off-road testing2022 Hummer EV specifications
There, GMC engineers had the opportunity to both test and calibrate the Hummer EV’s Adaptive Air Suspension hardware, its Extract Mode, Terrain Mode, One-Pedal Driving control, the e4WD system with torque distribution, eLockers stability control, rear steering, CrabWalk, and more.

The truck's available Terrain Mode is part of the Drive Mode Control system and offers two types of braking calibrations. One is a mild braking option for two-foot driving and the other a purpose-designed One-Pedal Driving feature for low-speed off-road maneuvers. Like with other electric vehicles, the Hummer EV’s One-Pedal Driving mode lets you accelerate and decelerate using just the accelerator pedal.

When used via the Terrain Mode, this one-pedal feature is adapted with unique calibrations for speed-limited off-road driving, says the carmaker. This, in turn, helps the driver negotiate steep grades, rock crawling, and other challenging terrains without having to keep switching between the accelerator and brake.

“One-Pedal Driving offers a great feeling of control by optimizing the regenerative braking, friction braking and drive motor torque all through the accelerator pedal,” explains GMC Hummer EV lead development engineer, Aaron Pfau. “Drivers will quickly realize the benefits once they try it off-road.”

Meanwhile, when the going gets tough, the truck’s available Extract Mode will enable the Adaptive Air Suspension height to be raised by roughly 6 inches (15.2 cm). That can help you clear large boulders or plow through deep bodies of water. Extract Mode will be available later this year as a no-charge software update on 2022 Edition 1 trucks and will come standard on 2023 model-year Edition 1 units.

Pfau added that features such as Terrain Mode, Extract Mode, and using One-Pedal Driving for off-road applications will help the Hummer EV establish itself as an “absolute off-road beast”. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing all that it can do.

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