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Giant's FastRoad Advanced 1 Cycle Is Ready To Give You Buns of Steel: Budget Carbon Fiber
I think we live in a beautiful age. Heck, 20 years ago, we could only dream of buying a carbon fiber bike for $2,300. Today, these sorts of machines are commonplace, and one worth noting is Giant's FastRoad Advanced 1: carbon fiber goodness on a budget.

Giant's FastRoad Advanced 1 Cycle Is Ready To Give You Buns of Steel: Budget Carbon Fiber

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The beauty of the passing of time is that we eventually reach a stage where we can manipulate materials to our will, and with this experience also comes affordability. That's precisely the case with Giant's FastRoad Advanced 1, a carbon fiber fitness bicycle that's selling for a tad over $2K, $2,300 (€2,340 at current exchange rates), to be precise. Let's see what the timeless manufacturer has in store with this one.

Now, whenever we look at a bicycle, we need to consider the sort of riding it's been built for, and the FastRoad series is all about riding far, fast, and hard, simply put, a fitness bicycle. What does this mean for future riders? Simple, a trinket that you can take out and ride until you can't walk right anymore. However, there are plenty of extras designed to avoid a sore body.

As you know, carbon is rather good at absorbing vibrations, even smoothening them out as you ride along, and since this bugger has no suspension whatsoever, that and your tires are all you'll rely on for comfort. Or is it? One aspect you'll be glad to have at your disposal is the D-Fuse seat post. With this system, the FastRoad can reduce vibrations and bumps transmitted from the road with up to 12 mm (0.5 in) of flexion, just enough to smoothen things out a tad.

On the other hand, the rest of the bike can be considered rather basic. After all, most of this bike's value lies in the frame design and building material. With that in mind, expect to find a Shimano drivetrain made up of a whole bunch of components. RS700 shifters move a KMC chain on an HG700 cassette with 11-34T. Best of all, because the drivetrain is tuned to two speeds, you'll be able to play around with this range. Considering this is a two-wheeler designed for working out, you don't need the best group set; you need the burn.

Now, riding a bicycle around town or in an urban setting is nice and all, but soon, you will probably want to break away from this setting and venture further, possibly to the point of exhaustion. If you're the sort of human that enjoys riding far, fast, and even to the point of collapse, the FastRoad series is suitable for some cargo rack options. Giant calls it the "smart-mount," and this rack and fender system can be mounted to a carbon FastRoad even though the frame doesn't seem to showcase any mounts.

Just imagine for a moment that you own this bike. Throughout the week, you've been riding around town after work to relax the mind and body. Come weekend, though, it's time to put this bugger to work. Saturday morning catches you with the sun on the horizon and a bicycle equipped with cargo racks with enough food and water for 100 kilometers (62 miles). If you can figure out how to bring along a tent, you can very well be sleeping out underneath the stars.

When I started this article, I thought I would be covering just your average carbon fiber fitness bike. Come to think of it, the FastRoad Advanced 1 seems to be showcasing a tad more ability than just your average two-wheeler, and that's really what you're paying for. Not to mention the Giant brand prestige that's been around since 1972. Just a little something-something to think about if you're in the market for a new bicycle.

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