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Forza Horizon 5 Exploit Lets Players Buy Hundreds of 1945 Willys Jeeps to Make Money

Although it’s one of the most successful launches in the history of the Forza franchise, the latest entry in the series is not without flaws. Aside from the typical control and visual bugs, players have stumbled upon an exploit that allows them to make a bucketload of money with minimal investments.
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The exploit is centered around a game mechanic that awards players who upgrade a certain car with one “Super Wheelspin.” The car in question is the MB Jeep 1945 Willys, which can be purchased for just 40,000 credits. But that’s not the only reason it’s the perfect car to use for this particular exploit. The Willys is also very easy to upgrade, as players will only have to spend a handful of skill points to earn the much desired “Super Wheelspin.”

The “Super Wheelspin” offers Forza Horizon 5 players the chance to win some of the game’s rarest vehicles, as well as high amounts of cash, so with minimal investment, you could end up earning hundreds of thousands of credits and/or rare cars.

What’s even more interesting is that gifting the Willys to other players will have all the skill points used to upgrade it returned to the car's original owner.

Players can buy another one after selling or gifting the upgraded Willys and follow the same steps to earn new spins at the Super Wheelspin. Rinse and repeat, and you can make a small fortune in a very short time.

PlayGround Games hasn’t addressed the exploit yet, but Reddit is already full of memes with the 1945 Willys Jeep front and center. That being said, if you end up with a Willys Jeep in your in-game email, know that there’s a reason a random person gifted you one. You can thank them, upgrade the car and, why not, give it to another totally random person.


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