Ford Takes Social Distancing Seriously With a New Line of Protection Shields

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Photo: Ford Motor Company Limited
Ford Protection ShieldsFord Protection ShieldsFord Protection ShieldsFord Protection ShieldsFord Protection ShieldsFord Protection ShieldsFord Protection ShieldsFord Protection Shields
By now, social distancing has become something we’re getting used to. So, it’s no wonder we’re seeing all sorts of products to protect us from those in our proximity. Even the big guns are in on the action now.
If you’ve taken a taxi or an Uber in the past few months, then you too have experienced the DIY protection shields used as separators within the interior of a car. Some are plexiglass held in place with duct-tape and barely see though, while some look like they’re transparent table clothes put there just to keep your spilled coffee contained to the rear of the vehicle.

Now, this terror is over - no, not the social distancing, but the whole DIY way of doing things. Why? Because Ford has recently announced and launched a whole line of transparent protection shields made to fit a number of vehicle dimensions. However, there are a few catches, so keep reading.

Before we start talking about the hardships you’ll be facing before you acquire one, let’s take a look at why Ford would do something like this. Duh, money! It’s only natural that by now, major automakers look into meeting social rules and regulations with their own products. Why? Really, do I have to repeat myself?

Ford Protection Shields
Photo: Ford Motor Company Limited
So now that we know there are ways to cash in on this whole health crisis (as if we didn’t know this already), here are the downsides to what Ford is doing.

First and foremost is the fact that these wonderfully designed shields are only available to the United Kingdom. No Europe, no U.S., no Africa, no South America. Asia will probably be covered by some Chinese version of this idea, if they haven't put something like this out already.

Secondly, Ford made sure to target only Ford customers. It seems that iPhone and Tesla market strategies pay off; I'm referring to customer exclusivity. Let’s say you drive a GMC or a Chevy, maybe even a Camry; well, unfortunately for you, Chinese is your best bet. Unless of course these big guns get cracking on their own line of shields.

Ford Protection Shields
Photo: Ford Motor Company Limited
The entire design is rather simple. Screens are composed of flexible and transparent PVC that can withstand temperature changes from -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) to a scorching Arizona parking lot of 122 degrees Fahrenheit (+50 degrees Celsius). The screens are then stitched together to a sort of fabric which is probably more PVC and finally equipped with securing clips to keep it all in place once mounted. There’s also a portion that extends between driver and passenger.

Pricing for these shields ranges from £73 (roughly $99) to £160.99 (roughly $219); not too expensive, nor too cheap.

Now, I'm sure you’ve got somebody over in the U.K. that can send you one of these if you’ve got a Ford vehicle. But honestly, you could probably make your own by taking all the pieces to your local upholstery joint and make your own. Heck, bust out grandma’s old sewing machine and see how quick you can turn yourself into the next China.

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