The Only Bling You Need This Year Is This Portable Air Purifier From Quair

Quair Plasma Mini 10 photos
Photo: Quair
Quair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma MiniQuair Plasma Mini
The only thing this world health crisis has proven is that we need to find better and more efficient ways of protecting ourselves against airborne organisms and pollutants.
Folks, while walking around with a bubble on your head seems like the most legitimate way to handle the air and environment around us, it makes you look just downright silly. But what we’ve learned these past few months is that our current ways of protection against whatever the hell is out there, needs to be changed and improved.

What we see in the cover photo is a device that swears to meet that very need. It’s called the Quair Plasma Mini and it promises to give us some breathing room as we roam through this polluted environment we call Earth.

To get an idea of what this is, I'm going to ask one question, have you ever heard of an air purifier that functions based on the ionization of particles? That’s basically what this is, just in miniature and only for your personal space.

If you still haven’t figured out from the gallery and the video below where the Quair is found, it’s that thing hanging around everyone’s neck. Now, before you go on about how it may look and feel, take note that the entire contraption comes in with a weight of only 85 grams and has seen extensive design development to come out looking and feeling the way it does.

Quair Plasma Mini
Photo: Quair
The main selling point of the Quair is the way it ionizes these particles. Most classic air purifiers send out negatively charged ions into the air to pick up any reactive particles. But the downside is that you'll only extract particles that react to negative or positive (if using an opposite charge) ions. The rest are still stuck floating around your face.

The Quiar, however, manages to send out bipolar ions. These are ions of both negative and positive charge, as to eliminate absolutely all hydrogen and oxygen from air pollutants or bacteria. Now that we’ve figured out what technology is employed by the device, how does it spread out around the face and head?

You may be thinking, “Ions, cool word. Sounds spacey.” But to spread a protective barrier of ions all over your face, the team installed a simple fan that blows the particles upward. This allows a blanket of protected from the neck up to be installed. You can’t see it, but it’s there.

But what happens to the hydrogen and oxygen extracted from bacteria and pollutants? Simply, put, the hydrogen reacts with the already present hydrogen and oxygen as to create harmless water.

Quair Plasma Mini
Photo: Quair
Well, that all sounds awesome and stuff, but how healthy is all this for me? I mean, I don’t know anything about ionization, and there’s just so much info out there that I wouldn’t know where to begin. Luckily for us, the Quair falls well below the upper limits approved by the FDA and EPA. Personally, I don’t like how that ‘upper limits’ sounds.

Another neat trick this little lifesaver can pull off is a battery life of ten hours. Just put it on in the morning before work and take it off once you get home. If you do happen to run out of juice, however, in about two hours of USB charging, the Quair is back up to a full charge.

As for myself, I'm the kind of person that usually waits until after others have purchased or used a product before jumping the gun. Why? I like to observe. Try it sometimes. It might save your life to stop for a moment, take in a deep breath, and look around. From the safety of your bubble, of course.

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