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This 24K Gold and Silver Facemask Purifies Inhaled Air to 99.8%
I want you to imagine a world where there is pollution, A world where there is sickness. A world where people can get ill by breathing in the very air around them. What a minute, there’s no need to imagine this. We are immersed in such a world right now. Kind of always have been, if you ask me.

This 24K Gold and Silver Facemask Purifies Inhaled Air to 99.8%

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The way things have been looking for the past few months, have led some people to believe that more needs to be done. In terms of personal and public health. And so, the process of adapting face masks into our daily routine has become a standard worldwide.

But if you’ve been going through the social motions as required, you may have noticed some benefits and downsides of the surgical masks we are currently wearing. To cover some of those downsides and even improve existing mask design, a team of ingenious humans from Artech have created a protective mask and visor setup like no other.

The mask you see is the result of a classic mechanism known as ‘necessity.’ And we all know who necessity is mother to. This little invention may not seem like much from the outside, maybe even make you feel like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, but inside is a chemical reaction that requires you do absolutely nothing to protect yourself, except maybe wash the components every now and again.

Right off the bat we can see that the mask is not shaped like your average mask. This is due to the extensive research made into creating a mask that can be worn for hours on end without and sort of discomfort. And rather than flimsy ear loops, the Breeze has wrap around straps with velcro that takes stress off the ears.

To help regulate temperatures the exterior fabric layer is composed from polyester and polyamide. This offers flexibility and breathability but can also be cooled by just simply dashing it with some water. But we also see a couple of air vents on each side. Don’t worry, these openings too have silver and gold inserts to offer full protection. This design also doesn’t impede the possibility to be heard on the phone or in a public setting.

Internally the mask is something else entirely. First off, the design is made to incorporate N95 filters to filter any microparticles and organisms. If you don’t know what an N95 filter is, keep reading. These filters are made from a mesh of synthetic fibers that can filter at least 95% of particulate when used properly. The nose support also acts as a placeholder in case you wish to include the magnetic vision screen.

So, the breeze incorporates one of these filters, but most importantly, how do we treat the remaining five percent? Well, here's what it’s all about. Breeze includes a chemical process known as galvanization. A sheet of gold and silver particles are constantly emitting silver ions which is known to be a natural antimicrobial.

Apparently if you put silver next to pure 24k gold, galvanization occurs. If you want to know more about this process without me boring you and taking up 4 years of your life, just Google the sucker. This process is what raises the filtration and microbial levels to near 100%.

The application for such a comfortable and ergonomic product does seem to be endless. If the quality of our air doesn’t get any better soon, then masks like these will become more and more readily available, technologically advanced, but also required.

My only remaining question would be about the health implications of inhaling silver ions. But that’s a long story.

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