Ford Fiesta ST Nurburgring Crash Is Lift-Off Oversteer Panic

How was your Sunday, dear car aficionados? Hopefully, it was better than the one of the Ford Fiesta ST driver who brought us here. And that's because the gear head saw his pride and joy performing the dreaded Nurburgring guardrail kiss over the weekend.
Ford Fiesta ST Nurburgring Crash 8 photos
Fiesta ST Ring crashFiesta ST Ring crashFiesta ST Ring crashFiesta ST Ring crashFiesta ST Ring crashFiesta ST Ring crashFiesta ST Ring crash
It all happened during the Touristenfahrten (Tourist Session) that took place yesterday. The track was wet and while the guy behind the wheel of the hot hatch seemed to approach the bends at just the right speed (read: fast enough to have fun and yet slow enough to be able to control the car), it seems that he just didn't have the reactions required to save the little ST.

You see, it all started with a common mistake, as the driver suddenly took his foot off the gas after entering a corner. This caused the vehicle's weight to transfer onto the front axle. And since the rear end became lighter, this lost traction - the slippery track didn't exactly help the car stay in line.

The one behind the wheel showed a later and rather timid countersteer reaction. This was the point when the driver could've brought the vehicle back in line by countersteering swiftly and perhaps applying a bit of gas.

Of course, such a maneuver requires training. First of all, the driver must overcome the instincts fueled by panic. Secondly, a balance needs to be reached in order to avoid overcorrecting (the throttle application needs special attention here), which can easily send the car sliding the other way.

Sadly, this hooner didn't play his cards well, which saw the Fiesta ST spinning into the barrier. The guardrail impact took quite a toll on the car, as, for instance, both passenger side wheels look out of place after the impact. In fact, the final part of the clip, which shows the Blue Oval toy riding on the back of a truck, allow us to assess the damage.

Fortunately, the driver was okay, as we can see him getting out of the car after the accident. And, in case you're wondering, the indications the man receives mean "get behind the guardrail" - regardless of the language, lingering around on the track after your vehicle has stopped is never a good idea, as another impact could easily follow.

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