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Ford Details How Mustang Mach-E SYNC4, FordPass Help with Charging

So, by the end of this year we should have a small fleet of electric Ford Mustangs on the roads. Not the Mustang as we know it, but the SUV offshoot the Blue Oval refers to as the Mach-E.
Ford Mustang Mach-E charging 9 photos
Mustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPassMustang Mach-E SYNC4 and FordPass
Available in four variants on the U.S. market - Select, Premium, California RT.1, and GT – and with prices starting from $43,895, the Mach-E is supposed to be a revolution in terms of what Ford has to offer to its customers. And we’re not only talking about power and range, but services as well.

As with any modern-day car, the Mach-E is packed with technology, and relies on advanced systems and apps to make the entire driving experience as smooth as possible. And when we’re talking about EVs, the driving experience includes that pesky operation called recharghing.

The electric Mustang will rely on two technologies to help the drivers along in this respect, the brand new SYNC4 infotainment system, and the included FordPass charging app.

As per a how-to video released this week by Ford (available below this text) drivers will be able to locate charging stations directly from the SYNC4, but also filter the results to find stations that are part of the FordPass charging network, or DC fast chargers.

That’s not something other apps aren’t capable of doing, but Ford’s integration of the solution in the in-car infotainment system gives an extra sense of easiness to the entire thing. The fact that drivers can plan their trips in advance and are shown the fastest and most convenient stations along the way (complete with pricing and availability of charging plugs) also helps.

The FordPass Charging app itself is the one responsible for this wealth of data, as it contains info on 13,500 public stations belonging to Ford’s own network, but also those operated by third party companies like Electrify America or Greenlots.

As a bonus, drivers who activate the FordPass services get 2 years of complimentary access to pay-as-you-go charging.

Despite the fact there are charging stations all across the nation now, Ford is aware there will be instances when drivers will run out of juice. For them the carmaker throws in the All-Electric Roadside Assistance service. When called to help, Ford will step in and flat tow the stranded SUV to wherever the driver wants, provided the destination is within a 35-mile radius (56 km).


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